VIDEO: Dishonored (2012)

Sofie reviews the highly acclaimed game Dishonored.

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  • danbreunig

    If Thief and Bioshock had a love child, it would be Dishonored.

    “Stabby-stab-stab”–so adorkable.

    • Moppet

      Thief, Bioshock and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic are all games, amongst others, that lead me to appreciating games like this, Dishonored, and others. Sadly Dark Messiah’s writing wasn’t as good as Bioshock or Dishonored, but the game play has managed to bring me back to it multiple times. It’s unfortunate, because it leaves going, “This gameplay but in something better written please!” far too often, which is a bit funny, it’s one of the few things I’m almost ashamed to admit I like because of the writing, not because it’s not that well written (it’s not that well written) but because I kind of like the terrible writing here. It makes no sense, especially not for me, but it’s of my common replays simply because of, well, like Dishonored, where you can treat combat more like problem solving – if you choose to.

      Using the ice spell to make the floor slick, near a open spiraling staircase, for instance, so the Orcs in Dark Messiah run after you, only to slip and go flying down the pit around which the stairs spiral, knocking into the edges of the stairs and such as they tumble down. It’s terrible and wonderful all at once. And it’s exactly the same sort of “creativity in the approach” that draws me to games like Dishonored.

      As for Dishonored, I adore it, and I’m trying to temper my hopes for the sequel to neither be too high nor too low.

      Great video Sofie. It’s one of those games where all the words in the world pale in comparison to what really needs done, “Just play it and see for yourself.”