Discovery Channel filmmaker swallowed by snake

Discovery Channel filmmaker swallowed by snake

Discovery may be faking its Shark Week “documentaries,” but the network swears this one is for real—a dude is going to be eaten alive by anaconda and you get to watch the whole thing on teevee.

The dude in question is “wildlife filmmaker” Paul Rosolie, who claims to have built himself a snake-proof suit that will save him from being crushed or digested as he allows himself to be devoured, and then regurgitated, by the massive man-eating snake.

How they entice the anaconda to chow down on this dipshit is not clear. Animal rights people are upset, as you might guess.

The title of the show is Eaten Alive. If I share the preview, do you promise me you won’t watch the show?

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  • nothingisamiss

    After this week’s election news, I’m back! Time to donate.

  • elpinche

    Do we have to wait 8 hours for dipshit’s exit? Now THAT would be something.

  • Sassamaphone

    What a fucking moron. I really hope the snake tests the suits uncrushability.