Disaster Movie (2008) (part 4 of 6)

Caption contributed by Albert Next, our main foursome is being terrorized by… cold air. Yep, just like in The Day After Tomorrow. Which is… actually a disaster movie. Wow. But you know what they say about a broken clock.

Now, you might think there’s no way earthquakes, asteroids, and global warming could all be interconnected. You might think that. That’s why you’re not Seltzerberg.

But just like in Day After Tomorrow, the main characters are able to outrun the cold air, and seek refuge in a warehouse.

Caption contributed by Albert Unfortunately, the women from Sex and the City are already in here. Sex and the City being a disaster movie that came out in 2008, making it a ripe target for parody. The women complain that this is their hiding place.

Caption contributed by Albert And this movie’s version of “Carrie Bradshaw” is played by a man. I actually don’t see the parody here. Isn’t Carrie Bradshaw played by a man in the real Sex and the City? No?
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Multi-Part Article: Disaster Movie (2008)

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