Disaster Movie (2008) (part 3 of 6)

Caption contributed by Albert Next, we get back to the Cloverfield parody, when Vanessa shows up to the party with another guy. Will tells his friends that the guy is a “Calvin Klein underwear model”, and true to the description, he shows up wearing nothing but his underwear. Because that’s what underwear models do. I hear Adriana Lima walks around New York in lingerie all the damn time.

Caption contributed by Albert But Calvin has a surefire plan to take Will’s mind off the whole Vanessa situation: “What better way to celebrate your super-duper sweet 16… than with a high school musical?” Indeed. What better way to awkwardly segue into a High School Musical parody than by just coming out and saying, “Hey, High School Musical!”?

Caption contributed by Albert Instantaneously, the entire cast is dressed up like the High School Musical cast. Will is made up to look like Zac Efron, and Calvin has a curly fro like Corbin Bleu. Vanessa Minillo is a cheerleader, and I guess she’s supposed to be Vanessa Hudgens, except Vanessa Hudgens was never a cheerleader in any of the High School Musical movies. Eh, close enough.
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Multi-Part Article: Disaster Movie (2008)

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