Disaster Movie (2008) (part 2 of 6)

Caption contributed by Albert Amy Winehouse declares that the world will end on August 29, 2008. By sheer coincidence, that’s the same day Disaster Movie opened in theaters. No, the date wasn’t dubbed in later. You can clearly see Nicole Parker’s lips as she says the date.

So it’s obvious they knew the date the movie would open before they even started filming. I suspect they raised money for this thing based solely on the title and the poster, AIP-style.

Caption contributed by Albert Amy then pulls a big bottle of whiskey out of her bouffant and downs the whole thing in a few seconds. Because Amy Winehouse likes booze. That’s one of her subtle quirks that most people don’t pick up on, that she likes to drink.

Then she proceeds to belch loudly enough to blow back the caveman’s hair. She belches non-stop for, no exaggeration, 30 seconds.

Caption contributed by Albert Then Amy pulls a “crystal skull” out of her bouffant, and warns, “Your doom lies with this!” All the words may be in English, but I have no idea what that sentence means.

Regardless, this is supposed to be the titular MacGuffin from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s a very convincing likeness, provided the original prop was left out in the sun for a week, or two. Or twenty.

For no reason, this causes the caveman to scream in terror.

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Multi-Part Article: Disaster Movie (2008)

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