VIDEO: Die Another Day (2002)

From the Unusual Suspect’s archives: Back in 2011, the Suspect reviewed Pierce Brosnan’s last outing as James Bond in the 2002 blockbuster Die Another Day. Is it as bad as some people make it out to be?

And in case you missed it, here’s the Suspect’s following review of the next Bond movie, Casino Royale!

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  • Muthsarah

    Been busy with real life stuff? I hope not for much longer; your vids are always a treat.

    EDIT: So you liked this one. Huh. Well, that alone is an interesting perspective. I like the series enough (warts ‘n all) that I won’t begrudge you for that. Outta curiousity, though, what are, like, your two or three faves? And what films, if any, do you dislike?

    • The Unusual Suspect

      Well I thought Quantum of Solace was a huge disappointment and there’s many of Moore’s films that are just too silly. I know Die Another Day is silly but it takes itself more seriously and as long as you suspend your disbelief, the there’s enjoyment to be found in it.

      As for my faves, it’s gotta be the ones everyone picks: GoldenEye, Casino Royale but I also like The Living Daylights and Tomorrow Never Dies as well.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        My favourites are GoldenEye, Moonraker, Live and let die, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not enough, Die another day, Goldfinger, The spy who loved me and From Russia with Love. Skyfall is neat, too,

        • Muthsarah

          From Russia With Love AND Moonraker? Aren’t you eclectic? :p

          1. FRwL
          2. OHMSS
          3. You Only Live Twice
          4. License to Kill
          5. Dr. No
          6. Skyfall
          7. Casino Royale
          8. Thunderball
          9. Goldfinger
          10. The Living Daylights

          The rest I don’t care for or haven’t yet seen (most of the Moores). But I’m way overdue to give Goldeneye a re-watch.

          • Chewbacca

            Hey since we’re just pulling lists out, here are some Bondlists of mine:
            Best Connery:
            You only live twice
            Best Moore:
            The spy who loved me
            Best Dalton:
            The Living Daylights
            Best Brosnan:
            The world is not enough
            Best Craig:
            Casino Royale
            Top 5:
            5. Casino Royal

            4. The Spy who loved me

            3. Never say never again (yes, it counts)

            2. Goldfinger
            1. You only live twice
            Worst Connery:
            Diamonds are forever
            Worst Moore:
            Octopussy/For your eyes only
            Worst Dalton:
            Worst Brosnan:
            Tomorrow never dies (and it even plays in my hometown)
            Worst Craig:
            Quantum of Solace
            Top 5 Worst:
            5. Quantum of Solace

            4. License to kill

            3. Moonraker
            2. Tomorrow never dies
            1. Octopussy/For your eyes only
            Best Bond song:
            Nobody does it better (love the swingle singer version)
            Worst Bond Song:
            Well, Bondmusic is always awsome but I don’t really care for the Alicia Keys / White Stripes song.
            Best Bond Game:
            No contest: Goldeneye – N64
            But some honourable mentions:
            – The spy who loved me (1990) for Amiga
            – A view to a kill by Domark for the Amstrad CPC
            – The World is not enough – N64
            Best Bondgirl:
            Barbara Bach (The spy who loved me)
            (Well even there you really can’t go wrong.. but she’s just an old
            personal favourite)
            Worst Bondgirl:
            Probably Grace Jones… but I really love her Slave to the rhythm song.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Ein fröhliches Moin Moin nach Hamburg. ^^

            I found “Tomorrow never dies” not that bad – but to be honest, if I had to pick and choose – I’d chosse this one, too. Because I like Goldeneye, love The World is not enough and love Die another Day.

          • Chewbacca

            Ja, tach auch. Warum hocken wir bei dem Wetter eigentlich vorm Rechner?

            Anyway… Tomorrow never Dies had this over the top villian who tried to take over the world by making headlines. The idea was okay… but this actor was just awfull.
            But I liked the Sherryl Crow song…

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Gute Frage, Mijk, gute Frage – ich schätz mal, weil es mir persönlich schon wieder zu warm ist. ^^ Aber es kommt ja bald wieder kühlere Luft.

            You’re right, that TnD had Jonathan Pryce, who really went over the top but… on the other hand you had Michelle Yeoh as competent Bond Girl and Götz Otto as Stamper (and that name is fitting. He is stamping. ^^)
            Plus it has those moments in which Pierce Brosnan has to talk german. Hilarious. ^^
            The only thing, that I found sad, was, that Teri Hatcher (whom I had recently seen as Lois Lane, before I watched TnD) just had this short role.

          • Chewbacca

            ‘…Lahss digg nidd fah-r-shn’
            I think Bondmovies need to be watched in a certain mood.
            There have been some movies on my fathers VHS tapes,
            which I watched over and over and others I just saw later on.
            Usually the latter tend to be more dissapointing (mainly Roger Moore
            stuff). I am one of the few defender of Timothy Dalton and have o admit
            that I never really liked the Brosnan Movies, eventhough I think there is barely anyone else who looks more like James Bond.
            I made a comment earlier about Batman, and that I liked his gritty reboot. It might turn out the same with Bond. The producers of the new Craig movies showing respect for the Bond character and add a lot of depth. Now, having seen this, I might go back to the Brosnan era with a more open and forgiving mind. Having seen this review made me think, that Die Another Day wasn’t as bad as I remember… maybe the same goes for the other Brosnans, too.-

  • The_Stig

    You know that old saying that you should never reference a good movie in the middle of your crappy movie? This franchise deserved better for its 40th anniversary.

    I didn’t hate Brosnan. In fact, I rather liked him and I stand by the opinion that Goldeneye is one of the 5 best Bond movies ever made. It’s just that by the time Die Another Day came around, the series was so cartoony it might as well have been animated.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Actually, and I know, I’m in the minority here, I take cartoony, amusing and not-giving-flying-fucks-about-if-something-is-realistic-or-not over grimm, gritty, realistic, so – the first Bond movie I started to like after Die another day was Skyfall. Why not overly cartoony, it at least had some good humouristic scenes in it.

      • The_Stig

        I like a little silliness. A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Even the Connery films had their share of silliness. However there’s silly and then there’s so ridiculous it shatters your suspension of disbelief.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          That never happened to me in the more sillier versions of Bond, Batman, Doctor Who and whatever. It happens to me, when a franchise decides, that it wants to be taken super-seriously. Because then I say: “Okay, you want to play with the big boys, and yet – you don’t polish your a-game… Sorry, you fail.”

  • $36060516

    Are you familiar with the term “ring finger?” Yer joke about that seemed to indicate not!

    • The Unusual Suspect

      Oh I know about that; it’s just the way he says it “one standard issue ring finger”. It’s like he’s calling the ring itself a ring finger. If he said “one standard issue for your ring finger” then it’d have made sense.

      • $36060516

        I thought it might ring a bell! Thanks for not giving me the finger.

  • David White

    I hate Daniel craig!! He is the worst bond ever!!

  • Phanixis

    I liked Pierce Brosnan as bond, but Die Another Day is far from his best movie. Goldeneye (my personal favorite bond movie) is a far better movie and would probably be a better representation of Brosnan’s Bond than Die Another Day. Pitting Die Another Day against any of the Craig movies just doesn’t seem fair to Brosnan, he has had far better movies.

    • The Unusual Suspect

      That’s a big mistake on my part, I should have really compared Craig’s best with Brosnan’s best, not Craig’s best with Brosnan’s worst. I think I’ll get around to reviewing Craig’s worst and Brosnan’s best in the future :)

  • Gallen Dugall

    I think you hit the nail indirectly on the head. It’s about the way the character is written that matters. Tongue in cheek or dark and gritty. I don’t think any of the actors have been bad in the role, but clearly audience tastes have turned against films that don’t take themselves 100% serious.
    Oh, and Madonna, yes heavily modified voice. She has bad smokers voice and without the electronics to fix her voice her career would be over. Sad really.

    • Chewbacca

      I think some of the marvel/avenger movies managed to take them serious enough without being 100% serious. But I also used to be like that. Now that I got pretty much the Batman version I always wanted with the Nolan films, I can forgive and enjoy the Schumacher films, too.

  • Sorry for getting here late but Bond hasn’t always had improbable gadgets. The most outlandish thing he had in From Russia With Love was that briefcase, which would be pretty easy to make if you had a decent knowledge of that kind of thing.