Detroit Offers Free Houses To Writers; Wonkette Moving HQ to Detroit

Detroit Offers Free Houses To Writers; Wonkette Moving HQ to DetroitIn an effort to help revitalize the city, a Detroit nonprofit is offering free houses to writers who come to live and work there for a minimum of two years. Your Wonkette definitely wants to get in on a deal like this, so the entire writing staff is preparing to pick up and move. As a bunch of liberal 47-percenters, we really do feel entitled to free stuff, so we figure we’ll just show up and say, OK, here we are, let’s get to revitalizing. Might make for a half-decent reality show, too. Editrix will get her own place, Lisa and Kaili can have another, Gary and Alex can split a swinging bachelor house, and DDM and Yr. Dok Zoom can take the Curmudgeon Quarters. And then we’ll all zip up and down the street on our 7-rider conference trike. This is going to be awesome.

So how is this little Save Detroit via The Arts party going to work, anyway?


A new nonprofit organization called Write-A-House … has found something creative to do with the city’s seemingly endless blocks of vacant homes—gut them from the inside-out, fix them up, and give them to writers.

Write-a-House has purchased three homes in the Hamtramck neighborhood, and is fixing them up with the help of a nonprofit that trains area youth in building and contracting trades. Hmm. Just the three? OK, we can do some rearranging. And a different nonprofit is also moving artists into the same neighborhood, but we can promise to try to get along, just as long as they understand that at the coffee shop, we get first dibs on the tables nearest the power outlets. Can’t run a blog without laptops.

Apparently there is some sort of “application” process that involves sending a “writing sample,” which shouldn’t be a problem as long as the judges don’t have a problem with dick jokes and tales of exploding foamy pigshit. Can’t think of a single reason why we wouldn’t have that sewn up. (If there’s a tie breaker, we’ll undoubtedly win with our trivia skillz — we know, for instance, what the “Pride of Hamtramck” was in Richard Hooker’s novel M*A*S*H.) We are really stoked about this — we’ve always thought that a residency should include an actual residence:

The process would guarantee housing for at least two years, with writers leasing the homes from the non-profit directly. If the writers stay for a minimum of two years, they are awarded the deed to the home, and the city will have received a new resident, another step towards recovery.

The best part will come after we get the deed to the houses, and then connect them with a series of tunnels and hamster tubes. Then the WonkoPlex will finally be a reality. Do the houses have sheds? Because there are definitely some projects we’d work on if we just had a shed. And if we get tired of the whole thing, we’ll just abandon the houses — it’s only Detroit, after all.


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