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This meta-mashup movie stars Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook in a high school comedy/drama that morphs into a slasher movie, which them morphs into a sci-fi story involving body switching, time travel, and the end of the world. Sure, given the time of year, there are other movies more appropriate for Phil’s Time Travel Month, but no way and no how is he reviewing any movie version of A Christmas Carol.

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  • spiff2268

    I rented this movie a few months back.  Blew my friggin’ mind!

  • John Wilson

    To me,there was a little bit too much going on. It was a fun movie though:).

  • Oh, Detention… How I loathe thee. Ah well, can’t enjoy them all I suppose. =)

    • Loathe? It’s not a horror movie you know. I have no idea what there is to loathe about it.

      • It’s an obnoxious comedy so enjoyment of it hinges on whether or not you find it funny.  Unfortunately I did not and as a result, was rather annoyed.  It’s mile-a-minute pacing and many nonsensical plot points were simply too much for me, I suppose. =) 

  • Thomas Stockel

    I’ve heard that rule regarding the twenty year nostalgia thing and it does seem to stand up.  Makes me wonder where all this love of sixties nostalgia is coming from (i.e. Vegas, Mad Men, The Playboy Club, Pan Am, Neil Caffrey’s wardrobe in White Collar).

    Oh, and you are right: Scrooge and Scrooged are outstanding movies, the best two adaptations of A Christmas Carol.  This is one of Bill Murray’s best performances and he actually gets to show a great deal of range.