Wingnuts Furious That Illegal Messican Band La Santa Cecilia Won Grammy

You were probably thinking we were done talking about the Grammys. We thought we were also, too, but that was before we learned that Breitbart was having a breathless poutrage about the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album award going to La Santa Cecilia, which counts among its members a (gasp!) undocumented immigrant.


Jose “Pepe” Carlos, the accordion player, is a “DREAMer.” He was brought to the United States when he was six by his parents when they came into the country illegally.

The group formed in 2005 by lead singer Marisol [sic] Hernandez and Miguel Ramirez to “blend ethnicities and identities uniquely forged in multicultural Los Angeles,” and has used pop culture to push for comprehensive immigration reform, even writing a song against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Can you just see the Breitbart staff sitting around air-scare-quoting all afternoon long while churning this out and yelling at the clouds about how in their America, the only band that would win anything is Ted Nugent with special guest star Pat Boone and spoken word interlude from Zombie Ronald Reagan, dammit. Nobody believes Breitbartians watch any award shows except as either a hatewatch or as a way to arm themselves for the Kulturkampf. There’s no doubt this not-even-televised award only came to their attention because the lead singer awesomely dedicated the win to the 11 million undocumented persons in the United States.

Oh dear, if that has Breitbart undies in a tangle, think what will happen once they learn more about the group. The ICE song they mention, “El Hielo,” has three immigrant worker characters, one of whom is modeled on the lead singer’s mother and oh bee tee dubs it is a great song.

They play free shows for juvenile offenders living in a boys camp! They perform at immigration rallies! And probably equally offensive to Breitbart sensibilities, they smash up culture in a way that we would call fucking awesome but they would consider terrifying, with a lead singer, La Marisoul, who the Los Angeles Times describes as “sing[ing] like the love child of Janis Joplin and Celia Cruz and dress[ing] in a style that might be described as Mesoamerican-Tropical Pop art (polka-dot blouses, lemon skirts, hand-painted shoes).”


Ohmygod we love her to pieces, for serious.

They’ve also performed for NPR’s Tiny Desk series, which is probably further proof, in Breitbart land, that they’re liberal culture destroyers hell bent on wrecking America with their multiculti sensibilities.

Do yourself a favor and kick Breitbart in the balls by heading on over to Amazon and driving sales up for La Santa Cecilia’s latest record, Treinta Días.You’ll be glad, and Breitbart will be mad, you did.

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