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Renegado gets angry at Delta Farce, the disastrously unfunny comedy starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and DJ Qualls as a group of National Guardsmen who crash land in Mexico and for some reason think they’re in Iraq. The movie scores some points for casting Danny Trejo as the bad guy, and the exquisite Marisol Nichols as his woman, but immediately forfeits those points by including Jeff Dunham and his talking jalapeño puppet. 

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  • Anna Mort Call

    I hope Santa saw you putting in overtime for this one.

    • Huh? I’m sorry I didn’t get it <.<

  • Michael A. Novelli

    Well, while Iraq wouldn’t work, I know from my latino coworkers that Afghanistan does a passible immitaion of Old Mexico!

    • As long as they run around in Charro and Mariachi outfits, it’d definetely work.

  • Michael A. Novelli

    It’s kinda funny, my old Mexican squad leader used to love him some Jeff Dunham…

  • Concerned

    God I’ve forgotten about this movie until now. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad you’ve brought it up again.

    • Be happy I…huh…oh my god look a giant talking chihuahua! RUN

  • I vaguely remember thinking when this came out that I would never want to see it. Well, Renegado, you almost, but not quite, convinced me to give it a shot.

    • Just remember I warned you, it’s dumb beyond saving.

  • Tad Whatever

    Well, your accent is not as bad as Sofie, but I still only understood about 75% of what you said.

    • Ha! Glad you can understand more than half of what I say.

  • The Crazy Fish

    Meh. Not an awful video, though the “Insert ___ Here” running gag got old fast. Also, clearly Mexico /can’t/ take care of themselves. Have you ever even heard of the Mexican Drug War? Not sure if you know this, but it’s not a fake war like Nancy Reagan’s war on drugs, it’s a real war. You know, with bombs and guns and tanks? Been going on officially since 2006? Almost 50,000 people dead? Any of this ringing a bell?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Mexican government did ask for U.S. support since, you know, /the Mexican government is actually losing to the cartels/. The only really offensive idea here is that our government would insult them by sending a loser like Larry’s character.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Well, he’s *from* Mexico, so I’d imagine it’s come to his attention once or twice…

      • The Crazy Fish

        Oh, I would like to point out that I do still agree with the rest of the review. Larry the Cable Guy never irritated me as much as he does some people, but I do find him annoying to be sure. Like you said, his entire schtick is acting like an ignorant retard. The problem is:

        1) To intelligent people that’s more obnoxious than funny, and…
        2) There are real people who really are that stupid who take him at face value and treat him like some sort of Dumbass Messiah spreading the word of willful ignorance o’er the land.

        Incidentally and on the topic of Americans going to Mexico to fight Mexican druglords, when is Toby Keith’s movie “Beer For My Horses” going to appear on the booth? It’s not nearly the same level of obnoxious stupid as Delta Farce, but it’s up there.

        • Michael A. Novelli

          As soon as one of us can either build up the stomach to watch it, or get a copy for free would be my guess…

        • I haven’t seen that one, will check it out and get back to you when I do.

      • The Crazy Fish

        Also, I didn’t mean to sound condescending, just pointing that out…

    • X Kecleon

      You know there is something funny about that because it seems USA is the only one that can solve worldwide catastrophe. Even if Mexico is sometimes a mess, does that mean that houlier than you USA is the only one allowed to solving it? It is downright stupid and insulting especially now that it has become such a horrible cliché.

      And as a note, please dont talk about my country if you dont have the smallest idea of what it is going on. The government isnt losing against the cartel, the government works with it (at least parts of it). If there was really a “war”, things woudnt get around so easily. There is even a book that talks about the pacts that the third parties have done with the cartel. And USA is also at fault because if they didnt buy the stuff, they wouldnt keep sending it.

      And how does it makes sense that Mexico asks for help? I actually dont see any country asking another for help on its internal problems. A country can offer to help, but it is pretty weird for any country to do that

      Now, going back to the review. Nice review, I am happy to meet another fan of Trejo. Also I agree that this movie seems downright offensive, the only thing it missed was to add “La cucaracha” somewhere. Keep up the good work.

      • The Crazy Fish

        What are you talking about? I never said the U.S. was the only one who could solve it, I said that Mexico clearly is failing at solving it, at least in part to what you mentioned: Americans buy the crap and fund the cartels, and the government pretty much ignores them. It’s a messed up situation all around and I don’t think it’s “holier-than-thou” to suggest that you could use some help.

        Besides, countries ask other countries for help all the time. It’s why things like alliances, trade partners, and the UN even exist. America has even gone to war to help other countries. Remember a country called Kuwait?

        Honestly, it sounds like what you’re saying is that it’s your problem and you’ll let it fester if you want to. I know it’s cool to hate the evil empire America and all that, but frankly that argument sounds way more self-righteous than me saying you could use help, especially when said cartels are moving into U.S. territory as well. Whether your government is just unable or unwilling to solve the problem doesn’t matter: it still is a problem and it’s becoming our problem too.

        • X Kecleon

          Considering, you said you wouldnt be surprised, I doubt that. Also, “making USA the savior of everyone” is a stupid idea that movies like this one seem to make whether or not its Mexico that they are helping. Not sure why would you try to defend it, anyway.

          Unless a country is directly involved in a issue or they have something to gain for it, countries stay away from the issues of other countries. The only real reason for countries to get involved in something without any possible gain, it has to be a mass scale issue that recently devasted a country or the like but that´s it. Countries dont go around solving the issues ,for example, of the citizens of Venezuela are having with Chávez on the power, are they?

          And for your third paragraph, maybe you didnt get my point of how ridiculous convoluted it sounds that Mexico not only would ask for USA´s help but for them to actually solve it. And you are currently trying to defend a point you made that was probably poor judgment.

          • The Crazy Fish

            Yes, but Hugo Chávez hasn’t taken over a city in Texas so thoroughly that even the Texas Rangers won’t go there anymore. The Mexican cartels have. The criminals that your country can’t/won’t take care of are expanding their influence here. That makes it our problem and that gives us a reason to care about fixing it.

            I won’t claim Americans aren’t partly responsible. It’s the rampant drug use here that has funded these cartels to the point that they’re able to afford military-grade weapons and become a real threat. But don’t try and claim this is just average everyday crime that needs to be taken care of internally. This is a literal war, and one that is affecting us as well. Some of these cartels have power throughout the United States, even up into Canada. So don’t tell me the U.S. has no right or reason to get involved.

          • X Kecleon

            Pal, I dont like pointing this out to you but you are going off on the tangent. The discussion is about how much sense does it make that Mexico would accept help from USA and not if USA should or shouldnt get involved.

            Also, it seems you missed the point because I dont see responses for my first and third paragraphs of my reply above yours. Do you agree with them or do you disagree? Why? I need feed back.

            My point about Chávez is a proof of how contries dont interfere with each other. I am not sure why you used it as a comparison of sorts to what is happening between USA and Mexico.

            Next, Mexico has to deal with its part (the cartels) and USA the same (with the traffic and with the ones buying it). Going with your logic, Mexico should go to the USA and take care of USA´s share of the blame.

          • Guys, guys, you both bring interesting points, but none of them are relevant to what I meant. See the thing is, Crazy Fish, the war on drugs is more complicated than just a simple fight. There are organizations, cartels, some of them even infiltrated in the goverment. Bringing an army just to try and fix this is not going to do shit.

            Proof? Waging war on them with our own forces just shows my point. The current president needs to use another strategy that doesn’t involve shooting first, asking questions later. Which is pretty much what most americans would do.

            Back on point, the “Operation Sombrero” thing from the movie offends me for 2 things. 1 is the name (duh XD), second, the movie implies sending US armies helped solve the conflict (which currently isn’t the case). So yeah, Mexico is doing awful, but the only people who can get it out of there is ourselves.
            Thanks for your comments though.

          • The Crazy Fish

            Yeah, I guess. I’ll agree with you, Kecleon that the whole “America is the savior of everyone” trope is stupid. I do think we need to butt out of other countries’ business more often, because we usually just end up making things worse. (Case in point: Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc) It’s just in this case it’s hard to sit by when a) it’s affecting us too and b) it’s our own closest neighbors.

            Either way, I’d like to think that if America did decide to try and help Mexico out we certainly wouldn’t call it “Operation Sombrero” and send a bunch of drunk rednecks who can’t even tell the difference between Mexico and Iraq.

            Back on topic, I kind of agree with you, Jerry, about Danny Trejo. On the one hand it is sad to see such a talented actor go to waste being given only smaller roles. On the other hand, Trejo plays a villain so well.

      • I am a big fan of Danny, it’s too bad he isn’t the star in most movies, most of the time he’s the vilain or just a supporting character

    • Heh, I thought the “Insert ___ here” gag would be an amusing replacement to a simple face palm, but I see how it could get old fast. Thanks for noticing :)

  • Gasmaskangel

    I should not have watched this while hungover. Larry the Cable Guy hurts my brain when I’m at my best, and now this is just torture. Also I want to know why the fuck a plane bound for Iraq would be flying over Mexico. There is no way for that to be justified.

    • I agree, maybe the pilots were drunk red-necks too.

  • Kazuma Kiryu

    When the movie came out I didn’t watch it long enough to notice the mexican stereotypes. And while I have no problem with movies making fun of the military, I just couldn’t stomach this one down. Must have to do with the fact that I’m in the military and 99.9% of the stuff they did, didn’t make any sense.

  • Sofie Liv

    HEY! I sang that song first here at the Agony booth AND I played the piano while singing it. thus I must be the better muppets fan.

    Seriously though, cool knowing we have another muppet fan at the booth now, that makes three of us! me, you and Suzie (the blockbuster chick.) :3

    Never ever seen this movie before… or heard of it. I don’t think I would like this movie either..
    Never even knew about Larry the Cable guy before he voiced Mater in Cars..
    Hehe, the world has yet to have so many danish stereo-types.. unless you ask british people…

    Nice vid :)
    You guys seems to have so much fun in Mexico B)

    • MephLord

      Danes get relegated into the Scandinavian stereotype; all white, drink a lot of alcohol and are friendly unless angered then they turn bitchy or murderous. I’m not saying I agree with it, but that is the stereotype, in fitting with Norse theology.

    • Well we do like to make FIESTAS! :D

      The world is full of stereotypes, hell I’ll admit, we Mexicans also have stereotypes for other nationalities (I.E. calling americans gringos (dumb white people), or calling dumb spaniards gallegos and mocking the way they talk in spanish, etc)

  • Torgeaux

    Luckily I never knew this existed until you reviewed it. Not that I’m rushing right out of here and renting it on Netflix. I already see you’ve gotten flamed by “patriots” so I wanted you to know that it’s a knee jerk reaction that’s pretty common so don’t take their criticism too seriously. War screws up a lot of things and perspective is one of them. It’s only a movie but some people read anything that even smacks of anti-(insert your country here) provokes a lot of people to want to come over and kick your ass in the mistaken belief that they will feel better. I like your reviews and look forward to more.

    • The Crazy Fish

      I don’t want to kick his ass. I just don’t see how it’s offensive for people in one country to want to help out a neighboring country, and aside from that I agree with basically everything he said.

      Although I might not be who you were talking about.

  • Teathers in Mexico had “coming soon” posters of this film in 2008 or 2009, and the film was already on TV and available for rent.