Degrassi Junior High “What a Night!” (part 3 of 5)

The phone rings, and Loosey races back inside. It’s Mom, sharing the unsurprising news that she’s still “tied up downtown. That meeting, you know.” I wonder what they’re talking about at that meeting. Is this possibly a meeting of Degrassi parents, talking about how fed up they are with their clingy, spoiled children? Mom says more business-type important-sounding stuff like, “You know what these deals are like!” Yes, I think we all know what these generic, unspecified deals are like.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Mmmm… day-old sushi…”

Mom has no idea when she’ll be home, so lonely Loosey will have to make her own dinner. Mom tells her there’s “sushi in the fridge”. Loosey opens up the fridge, and sure enough, there’s a plate of sushi right there. I wonder how many classes it took to learn how to make that.

Caption contributed by Albert

There’s a tear in my nigiri, ’cause I’m crying for you, dear…

As she pulls out the plate, a single tear rolls down Loosey’s face. Well, the makeup guys couldn’t really do “rolling”, I guess, because the tear is just sort of stuck there. Regardless, Loosey wipes it away and the scene ends.

The next day at school, Raditch is administering the spelling exam. He walks down the aisles, reading off words, along with example sentences, all delivered in his usual harsh authoritarian style. The first word is “receive” and Raditch’s example is, “I hope to receive twenty perfect papers.” If not, you will all be marched into twenty separate gas chambers.

The next word is “paralysis”. And his example is, “George was confined to a wheelchair due to his paralysis.” Wow, it’s a good thing Wheelchair Girl #1 is not in his class, otherwise this would be a mighty awkward exam question. But then again, who knows? Maybe Wheelchair Girl would hear the question and say to herself, “Aced it!”

Next up: “Corroborate.” Hey! It’s the only word Loosey and Voula actually studied last night! Sure enough, Loosey flashes a smile over at Voula, because knowing that one word has made all the difference. But let’s not miss out on Raditch’s example sentence: “The officer needed the witness to corroborate his evidence.” Is the foreshadowing obvious enough for you?

The next word is “hierarchy”, which Raditch pronounces as “higher-archy”, but unfortunately, the example sentence isn’t particularly funny or ironic. More hot test-taking action follows, and then the bell rings, and everyone files out.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "What a Night!"

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