Degrassi Junior High “The Great Race” (part 1 of 4)

Previously on Degrassi Junior High: Rick was getting smacked around by his dad, a psycho guy with a big poofy afro who could snap at a moment’s notice. He gave Rick big bruises, which caused issues at Photo Day. We knew it was Photo Day, because we were reminded every thirty seconds that it was Photo Day.

Joey Jeremiah wanted to wear a jean jacket for the occasion, and thus introduce us to the Classic Case of the Four Js. He even went to insane lengths to do so: Namely, by going to the home of a psycho guy with a big poofy afro who could snap at a moment’s notice.

Voula continued her bitchy, girl-crush streak against Stephanie, Melanie obsessed over a zit, and in the end, Corey Hart’s doppelganger swooped in on his motorbike and rescued Rick, taking him to go live with his cool older brother. Everyone lived happily ever after, at least until the following week, when this show was sure to visit some new catastrophe upon the whole lot of them.

Degrassi Junior High: ''The Great Race''

Ah, Degrassi. How I missed your special brand of dopey Canadian teen melodrama so.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Degrassi recap. And every time I come back to writing about Degrassi, I have to reacclimatize myself to Degrassi World. I’m like a Southerner who comes back from a long stay up north, and has to get used to saying “y’all” again. So too is it with reentering Degrassi-stan, where I have to remind myself of just what a “broomhead” is.

I’m supposed to have a lengthy digression about Degrassi: The Next Generation in this intro, aren’t I? Yes, I believe I am. Well, it’s certainly no small feat to briefly sum up a show that’s been running for eight seasons (and counting), but I’ll do my best. I owe nothing less to the series that brought the Degrassi name to a whole new audience too young to remember Degrassi Junior High.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "The Great Race"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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