Degrassi Junior High “The Experiment” (part 4 of 4)

Cut to Mr. Raditch’s class, and now even more students are laughing maniacally as they enter, and staring at the ceiling agog in their own self-induced highs. Wheelchair Girl, hilariously, even has trouble steering her wheelchair and getting inside the classroom.

Raditch enters, still oblivious to the euphoric laughter. He’s returning papers, and declares that he was “quite taken” with one paper. Namely, Yick’s paper. He declares it to be “clear, lucid”, and says he was very impressed.

Raditch then bursts Yick’s bubble. “Not as impressed as I was last year, when I first read this paper.” OMG OWN3D. The Not Stoned Kids immediately break into gales of laughter.

Raditch yells at them to be quiet, then says to Yick, “How did you get Stephanie Kaye’s paper?” C’mon, Raditch, the same way you get anything from Stephanie: bribes. Yick remains silent for a long time. Finally, Arthur owns up to being the one that got Stephanie’s paper.

But Yick jumps in, saying it’s not Arthur’s fault. It’s actually Raditch’s fault. Yick says, “Why shouldn’t I cheat? You always give me bad marks!” Damn, Yu have got some balls. Raditch points out that Yick got a good grade on his last paper, but Yick says that was also Stephanie’s paper. Holy shit! Yu have really got some balls! Who else would retroactively admit to cheating after getting away with it?

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "The Experiment"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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  • Ro-man

    This is the most hilarious recap. The weird logic of the show, as seen just about every scene, the recurring themes, the product placement, and the random awkwardness that peppers Degrassi makes me want to watch it again to drink the ridiculousness in again. I think it’s true that a few of the characters are drawn with authenticity and the odd line is prescient – which could make it hard to make fun of it altogether. But it’s not fun to dissect and parse something with no redeeming aspects whatsoever.

  • EmilyA1984

    Wheelchair Girl’s name is Mia.

    • Chris Palmer