Degrassi Junior High “The Experiment” (part 1 of 4)

Previously on Degrassi Junior High: The fall dance ignited the flames of passion in the loins of many a Degrassi student, most notably Stephanie (who asked out Wheels, then came within a hair’s-breadth of drunkenly puking all over him) and Voula (who decided to brazenly disobey her Poppa Borat and show off her shins in public). Mr. Raditch rocked and romped deep into the night, playing the hits we wanted to hear. Voula and Arthur (AKA Astrodog) danced uncomfortably, while Steph got comfortably numb on Irish crème, and ultimately got herself too wasted to help starving orphans.

Degrassi Junior High:

In the time since my last recap, I was finally able to buy Degrassi High: The Complete Collection on DVD. And guess what? I’ve already watched the whole damn thing. In fact, I watched the whole damn thing (all 30-some episodes) in the space of one week.

Ordinarily, I’d consider anybody willing to sit through that much Degrassi in a week to have some kind of mental disorder not yet listed in the DSM (and it’s true that five years of recapping bad movies have done a pretty good number on my head). But I have to admit, it never felt like a chore. The characters of Degrassi High are remarkably easy to spend time with. At no time did I experience the fatigue that sets in after attempted viewing marathons of, say, 24 or Deep Space Nine. Go figure.

I hesitate to say anything specific about Degrassi High, because I still have it in my head that I’d like to save all that commentary for the eventual episode recaps. But the truth is, you and I know that at the rate I’m going, it’ll be a long, long time before I ever get to recap Degrassi High. In fact, it may never happen, especially if I get put up at an old folks’ home with no internet access. But I will say this for the series: There are a few episodes where the show deviates from being so-bad-it’s-good, to being genuinely moving and intentionally entertaining.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "The Experiment"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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