Degrassi Junior High “The Cover-Up” (part 3 of 4)

Cut to the front of the school the next day. Rick is locking up his bike, and Joey passes by, talking to that random kid from earlier (who literally does not get a name until the high school years, and when he does get a name, it’ll be “Tim the Terrific”. Seriously). Joey complains to Tim about how his parents ruined his jean jacket.

Rick overhears and calls out to Joey. He says he has a jean jacket he might be willing to sell. Joey’s eyes widen. “Like, used and everything?”

Rick, tragic figure that he is, replies, “Everything I’ve got’s used.” Oh, Rick, you beautiful disaster. And I’m sure all of his friends are dead, too. Rick says Joey can come by his house later on to pick up the jacket. Joey is slightly taken aback at the prospect of going over to Rick’s house, but he agrees, telling him, “Thanks, buddy!”

But Rick has a hard-ass image to keep up, so he tells Joey that this jean jacket transaction “doesn’t make us buddies, okay?” (Man, the kid playing Rick is one horrible actor. It was no surprise to find out Craig Driscoll eventually gave up on acting, and is now working as a tattoo artist.) Joey acquiesces and enters the school, and along the way he shoots a weird guy-crush-like glance back at Rick.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "The Cover-Up"

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