Degrassi Junior High “The Big Dance” (part 3 of 4)

Over at Casa de Wheels, we see a shirtless Wheels in the bathroom, wearing only a towel, calling out to ask his dad if he can use his aftershave. (Sigh. Poor Daddy Wheels. He’s not long for this world.) So, Wheels is shirtless, which means if I were a 14 year old girl, I’d be pretty hot and bothered right now, right? Please don’t answer that.

Caption contributed by Albert

There’s something about a… man who hasn’t started shaving yet.

Wheels pours some aftershave in his hand, and it’s pretty obviously a bottle of Aqua Velva. I know you’re thinking “product placement”. But in the early days of Degrassi, I doubt they had their shit together enough (it wasn’t even a union production!) to actually have real product placement. Also, the reaction to Wheels’ aftershave later will make it obvious that nobody involved with the Aqua Velva brand asked to be associated with this program in any way. Trust me.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "The Big Dance"

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