Degrassi Junior High “Smokescreen” (part 3 of 4)

Next, Caitlin and Rick stand on a sidewalk, looking up at factory smokestacks. Caitlin talks about the “toxins” those stacks are currently belching into the atmosphere. She then sees Rick’s blank look and goes, “Oh. Toxins are poisons.” Is it possible for someone who’s at least at a sixth grade reading level to know what “poisons” are, but not “toxins”?

Rick launches into a story about how when he lived with his dad, their apartment was near a factory. And in the summer, it would get really hot, but he couldn’t open his window, because it smelled so bad outside. Fascinating stuff. Is it possible that factory toxins cause poofy white man afros, or violent abusive rages? If so, Rick may have an excellent lawsuit on his hands.

Caitlin says he should have gotten an “air purifier”. And both Rick and I scoff at the idea of Psycho Dad actually shelling out money for an air purifier. This is the same guy who flew into a murderous rage when Rick cashed in some soda bottles. You think he’s a regular customer at the Sharper Image?

Back in the hallways of Degrassi, Yick is excitedly bouncing a basketball around the stairwell, just to keep us reminded of that particular character trait. He then heads back to Avery’s classroom, and finds Arthur is gone, and the vase is gone. All that’s left is a note on the chalkboard saying Arthur took the vase to an “antique dealer”. You see, this was an interesting early PBS crossover with Antiques Roadshow, wherein all of America got to see Arthur’s retirement plans destroyed once he found out the vase was a “replica”.

Yick looks terrified, and says, “Oh no!” Luckily for him, this is all just Arthur’s pathetic cover-up for his boneheaded mistake, but more on this later.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Smokescreen"

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