Degrassi Junior High “Rumor Has It” (part 1 of 5)

Previously on Degrassi Junior High: Melanie was, is, and will always be flat as a board. She got sick of looking like a little girl, so she went out and got a ridiculously stuffed/padded WonderBra. She even followed the lead of Degrassi school skank Stephanie Kaye, and got changed at school so her mom wouldn’t find out. But then she quickly learned that once you commit to artificially “enhancing” your looks, you’re kind of stuck with it. And wearing a stuffed bra 24 hours a day is not terribly practical, especially when you’re on the swim team.

In other news, Arthur and Yick bored everybody into deep, restful sleep in their quest to get taller.

Degrassi Junior High ”Rumor Has It”

So here we are: episode six of Degrassi Junior High. And I think, for the very first time, there’s no reason for me to digress in this intro. I don’t have any business about the extended Degrassi universe to get out of the way first. Not that there isn’t tons of stuff I could be talking about, like TNG Season 7 (which just came out on DVD), or the upcoming TV movie, or how several of the original TNG cast members have moved onto other shows like The Vampire Diaries, and now there’s yet another generation, a next next generation if you will, roaming the halls of Degrassi (it’s basically the Deep Space Nine spin-off I anticipated so long ago), and so on and so forth.

But it’s time to cut the crap. It’s been over two years since I started on this crazy adventure of recapping every single Degrassi Junior High episode, and I’m only up to episode six. It’s time to get a move on, because I really have no desire to be an senior citizen still writing about the lives and loves of junior high school students in the 1980s.

Actually, I do have something to say about at least one Degrassi spin-off from the early ‘90s. In between the last episode of Degrassi High and the TV movie that ended the series, School’s Out!, it appears a lot of the cast had nothing to do, really. So they all hopped in a van, traveled across Canada, and interviewed real teens about real teen problems.

The result was Degrassi Talks, a short-run documentary series that featured the cast of Degrassi talking to Canadians teens about their lives. (Seriously, this show really exists. It’s included as a bonus feature on the Degrassi Junior High box set and everything.) I only bring this up because the current episode, “Rumor Has It”, gets referenced a bit in the Degrassi Talks episode dealing with “Sexuality”, and in the process we get to know a little bit more about a certain cast member’s family. But I’ll save that for the end of recap, where it’ll make a lot more sense.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Rumor Has It"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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