Degrassi Junior High “Revolution!” (part 4 of 4)

There’s sort of a filler scene of Avery handing out tests to her class. Obviously, she has it more together than Raditch, but what else is new? Well, there is a moment where Yick and Arthur whisper to each other about their anti-Stephanie lynch mob plans for later, but Avery immediately shushes them.

And now, witness the stark contrast as we return to Raditch’s classroom. Everyone’s whooping it up in Raditch’s absence, and doing incredibly wild things, like… flying paper airplanes! And sitting on desks! It’s utter madness! Weirdly, it’s only now that Loosey tells everyone that he lost the exam. So I guess this is actually the prelude to the real chaos.

Caption contributed by Albert

Behold total anarchy!

Wheels calls over to Joey, again telling him to go ask the Twins if what he said is true. So Joey gets up to talk to them, and the best part is how Snake is right in the middle of helping him study or something, and Joey walks away without saying a word.

Unfortunately, just as Joey goes over to the Twins, an extremely disheveled Mr. Raditch appears, with his scarf barely hanging on over one shoulder. He yells at “Mr. Jeremiah” to take his seat, and everyone quickly sits down and stares straight ahead.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Sorry, Margarita Tuesday at Chi-Chi’s last night was a real rager…”

Raditch’s voice cracks as he says he was “delayed”, so apparently he had to run all the way home and back with the test. And despite being completely out of breath, he still finds the energy to reach over and pull Joey’s hat off. Come on, how can you not love a moment like that? He straightens his tie and his suspenders and digs around for his glasses, and explains that for this exam, he’ll be writing the questions on the blackboard.

Cut to hot test-taking action!! as all the kids in Raditch’s class look up at the board and write down their answers. And then we see Raditch again, and… he’s all straightened out. His hair is combed down, his suit is straight, and not a thread is out of place. Ten seconds ago, he looked like a crazy hobo, all out of breath and disheveled. And now, just like that, he’s… sheveled. What the hell? Does he have an army of hairdressers and makeup artists in the back room?

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Revolution!"
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