Degrassi Junior High “Revolution!” (part 2 of 4)

The boys walk into Raditch’s classroom and take their seats. Stephanie enters in tarted-up mode, and sits down right in front of Wheels, turned around in the chair. She asks if he wants to go to a movie this weekend. Wheels immediately blurts out, “I can’t!” He says he has to “study”, and Stephanie can’t believe he really means that. But he says that due to the bad grades on his last report card, he has to do well, or his parents will kill him. Check out the continuity with the previous episode!

Caption contributed by Albert

When the girl who got pregnant at 14 is laughing at you, you know you’re a walking joke.

Stephanie is fully mortified. She turns to get up, and briefly makes eye contact with Spike, who’s stifling a laugh. Yeah, Spike, of all people, is laughing at Stephanie.

Steph goes to her seat. Wheels suggests they could go out over the holiday break, but Stephanie, barely holding back her anger, just says “Maybe” through clenched teeth.

Enter Mr. Raditch. After pulling Joey’s hat off his head, he announces to the class that he’s finished preparing their midterm exam. And then, suddenly, the entire classroom is filled with demonic laughter. Where is that coming from? Is the school haunted? Is Voula possessed? As it turns out, that evil chuckle is emanating from Mr. Raditch himself, who follows it up with, “And it’s a reeeeeal doozy!”

Caption contributed by Albert

“You’ll all love taking this test… in hell!

Caption contributed by Albert

I’m pretty sure Voula taught her this look.

Now that he’s all done giving the entire class (and me) nightmares, Raditch proceeds to use this time to make fun of Joey. He says he hopes he won’t be seeing Joey in his class next year, and boy, are those some prophetic words. Everyone chuckles, and Wheels turns in his seat to laugh at Joey. And then he happens to link eyes with Stephanie, who’s staring at him with a look of pure rage. There are daggers of love shooting out of her eyes at Wheels.

And now it’s over to Ms. Avery’s class, where she’s prepping her students for her midterm. She warns them, “There will be a map of Africa on your test!” Not for any particular reason, mind you. There’ll just be a map there. It’s actually an algebra test.

The bell immediately rings, of course, but Avery keeps everyone three seconds longer so she can explain that the purpose of the test is to see how well they’re “taking in the things that we’ve been discussing.” Okay, if these kids haven’t grasped the basic purpose of an exam yet, the Zambezi River is the least of their concerns.

Caption contributed by Albert

Boogie on, reggae Susie.

On the way out, VP Susie Rivera comes up to Yick and says she agrees with the other girls, and thinks that Yick would make a great sports rep. And Susie now has her hair in braids, complete with Stevie Wonder-style white beads at the tip of each braid. It’s not a great look for her.

All the other kids gather around, and they’re all in agreement that Yick would be a great sports rep. And he’s a Grade 7, which is important because, as Kathleen points out, sports rep is always a Grade 7 position. Well, duh, of course it is. Who didn’t know that? Susie tells Yick to go talk to Stephanie about getting the position.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Revolution!"

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