Degrassi Junior High “Revolution!” (part 1 of 4)

Previously on Degrassi Junior High: That creepy dude with the yellow gloves hanging around the front of the school wasn’t a pedophile and/or serial killer—it was Wheels’ birth father, quietly stalking his biological son until the moment was right to reveal himself. Wheels and his birth dad bonded over their love of milkshakes and rock and roll, but Wheels ultimately had to dump the guy because it was totally his fault that Wheels lied to his adoptive parents.

Meanwhile, Spike considered the idea of putting her yet-to-be-born baby up for adoption, which led to lots of bickering in the hallways with baby daddy Shane. To the shock of no one, they decided to end their passionate month-long love affair where they barely spoke to each other.

Degrassi Junior High “Parents’ Night”

Well, this is a pretty momentous occasion, isn’t it? This is the final episode of the first season of Degrassi Junior High, and a pretty big milestone on my quest to recap every single episode of this series. In honor of the occasion, I’ll be posting a brief article soon to sum up all the Very Special Lessons I learned from this Very Special Season of Degrassi Junior High. Watch for that one in the next day or so.

Since it’s taken me years to get to this episode, I won’t waste a whole lot of time setting it up, except to say that “Revolution!” neatly ties up the Stephanie Kaye school president story arc that started in the pilot episode. And it even finds ways to tie in the plots of half a dozen other episodes at the same time. For all the grief I give this show about the bad acting and cheesy dialogue, the writers do deserve some credit for actually being able to keep track of all the many storylines, and rarely leaving loose plot threads dangling. I wish I could say the same about a lot of shows on the air today.

And really, how can you not love a show that follows up an election for school president with an impeachment episode? That’s right, in this episode, the kids start a movement to get Stephanie Kaye thrown out of office for being the worst school president ever. The premise alone is enough to make this one of the series’ high points.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Revolution!"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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