Degrassi Junior High “Nothing to Fear” (part 2 of 3)

Cut to L.D. riding her bicycle back to her dad’s garage. Inside, Jeff breaks the bad news that L.D.’s dad is in the hospital, because he was having chest pains. He’s okay, but the doctors want to keep him overnight for observation. L.D. just stands there in shock. Jeff says that Mr. D has a list of stuff he wants brought over, and when he talked to him on the phone earlier, he was “grumpy as ever”. L.D. continues to stand there in shock.

Meanwhile, in front of the school, Voula and Spike are waiting for L.D. to show up. Spike’s already bitching about how L.D. is a flake, because they had a science project last year, and Spike ended up having to do all the work herself.

Cut to L.D.’s house, where L.D. is packing up the stuff on Dad’s list. Some of the items appear to be family photos. L.D. starts to pack up a picture of her mom, instantly triggering the Flashback Voiceover Machine.

Caption contributed by Albert

Dear Sears Portrait Studios: Can you make sure to crop out my baby’s face?

In the voiceover, we hear a younger version of L.D. ask her dad why Mommy went to the hospital. Voiceover Dad tells “Lorraine” that the doctors will make her all better, you just wait. Lies! Vicious, horrible lies, I tell you!

Caption contributed by Albert

”Oh, crap! They’re gonna find out about the Degrassi After Dark swinger’s club!”

Back on the steps of the school, Voula and Spike give up waiting and decide they should give L.D. a call. They head inside just as Rockin’ Rompin’ Raditch is coming out, and he looks at them, and looks at his watch, like he can’t wrap his mind around the possibility of students being here this late. Even though, well, it is still daylight outside, so it can’t be that late. But then again, this is Canada, so it could be 11PM for all I know.

The phone rings at the garage, and Jeff answers with, “Delacorte Garage!” Hang on a sec. Lorraine… Delacorte… I think I’m starting to figure out where the “L.D.” nickname comes from. The call is from Spike and Voula, currently using the phone in the principal’s office. Jeff hands the phone over to L.D., and Voula asks her why she didn’t show up. All L.D. can say is she “forgot”. She gives no other explanation, leading Spike to grump that flakey L.D. has flaked yet again.

Caption contributed by Albert

Always trust your car to the repair shop that got a 10 year old to make the sign.

Okay, why didn’t L.D. just say her dad’s in the hospital? It’s the truth, and a pretty valid excuse, don’t you think? Unless… she already lied and used the “dad in the hospital” excuse last year, when she flaked out on the science project with Spike. I guarantee you that’s exactly what happened.

Jeff is about to head on over to the hospital, and he asks L.D. if she’s ready to go. Just then, L.D. weasels out of it, saying she needs to clean the kitchen before Dad gets back home. But if he’s not home by tomorrow, she promises to visit him for sure! So, I think it should be already be obvious to everyone that L.D. has an irrational fear of hospitals, hence the title of the episode.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Nothing to Fear"

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