Degrassi Junior High “It's Late” (part 1 of 4)

Previously on Degrassi Junior High: Rick Munro, the school’s resident bad boy, thought he had finally found an “in” with Caitlin Ryan by joining her boring Environmental Action Committee. Unfortunately, the Action Committee wasn’t quite what they advertise on the poster, but Rick got all the action he wanted when Caitlin gave him a peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, in the boring Arthur and Yick B-plot, Yick decided to fake like he came from Asian royalty or something and his family had a centuries-old vase that he kept in his book bag. To no one’s surprise, Arthur was completely fooled by this charade. In fact, Arthur was so fooled that when he accidentally destroyed the vase, he did a shitload of meth so that he could stay awake long enough to glue it back together.

Degrassi Junior High “It’s Late”

So, we’re finally at the episode that changes everything. Okay, maybe not “everything”, but this is the episode where 14 year old Degrassi student Christine “Spike” Nelson gets pregnant. Talk to any fan of Degrassi Junior High, and this is probably the one storyline they’ll mention right away.

From a 2009 perspective, the idea of a show aimed at middle school kids doing a storyline where a 14 year old girl gets pregnant seems pretty ballsy. That’s most likely because kids’ entertainment has been completely sanitized over the past 20 years. I can’t think of a show airing today that would have the guts to do this (besides, of course, Degrassi: The Next Generation, because once you’ve gone there, you can’t really un-go there).

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "It's Late"
TV Show: Degrassi Junior High

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