Degrassi Junior High “Eggbert” (part 4 of 5)

Cut to Arthur at his locker, reading a comic book, which appears to be some really shitty obscure DC character like OMAC or something, but I can’t read the title. Yick comes along and squirts him in the face. With a water gun, of course, and then another big water gun fight breaks out between them.

Scooter comes along and stares at them. And then Arthur and Yick do a total Vincent and Jules move where they look at each other, then immediately start firing in unison at Scooter.

Caption contributed by Albert

Damn! Tarantino ripped off City on Fire and this episode!

Scooter runs off, and Arth-Yick are all like “Kids!” “You said it!” And I know you think this is all going somewhere really important, but I’m sorry to say, this particular C plot has already peaked.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Eggbert"

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