Degrassi Junior High “Best Laid Plans” (part 3 of 4)

Everybody files out of class, and now the Twins are showing off their duality for the very first time in the series. For those who don’t know, Heather is the conservative twin, while Erica is the twin who’s down with all kinds of freaky shit, which we learn when Erica tells Heather not to “be such a prude”.

Heather denies her obvious prudishness, but still thinks Stephanie should “cancel” the date because of all the gossip flying around. But Erica says that if Steph cancels now, it’s the end of the Steph/Wheels OTP. Heather says, “That’s blackmail!” What? Like, emotional blackmail? I guess? But that only works if you accept Wheels as the sexiest man in all of Toronto, which I still refuse to do.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Look, the guys with the G, O, D, R, A, M, A, C, L, U, and exclamation point T shirts didn’t show up, alright?”

Finally, the Twins decide to do something crazy, and ask Stephanie what she thinks about the thing that involves Stephanie. Steph simply says, “Sex is no big deal!” As proof, she points out she’s “not a little girl”. In fact, “I’m 14.”

Right on cue, Voula walks up, evidently so full of bitterness and vitriol that she can’t even see straight. I’m sorry, I just can’t make fun of this anymore. It was pathetic about four episodes ago. Now it’s just depressing. “Well, what do you know?” Voula asks, to no one in particular. “It’s the school sleaze!” The school sleaze? Huh? I’d bet good money the line was originally “the school slut”, but somebody made them change it.

Voula adds, “I mean… president!” Yeah, that was a totally natural and understandable slip-up there. Because it completely makes sense to walk up to the school president and go, “Well, what do you know? It’s the school president!” And we all know how easy it is to mix up the words “sleaze” and “president”, don’t we? And that’s even before Clinton’s second term, buh-doom-boom.

Steph is so pissed off that she walks away without a word, and then one of the Twins tells Voula that this was “real nice”. And Voula tries her best to stand there and act like this was a totally appropriate and justified thing for her to say, and completely fails.

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Best Laid Plans"

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