Degrassi Junior High “Best Laid Plans” (part 2 of 4)

Yick has something extremely important to show Arthur, and it’s in his locker, but he won’t say what it is. He opens up his locker, and I can still see fingerprint powder residue. I’d call this a nice throwback to the previous week’s episode, but I think it’s more likely that nobody bothered to clean off the locker after filming wrapped.

Yick crouches down low, and from the bottom of his locker, he pulls out… a VHS tape. It’s in a cheap, crude box that was obviously mocked up by the prop department. Arthur reads aloud the title, which is Swamp Sex Robots. Jim Wynorski directed that one, right? And the spine of the tape has “Sex! Sex! Sex!” in big black letters. If you still don’t understand what kind of movie this is yet, Arthur yells out, “This is pornography!”

Caption contributed by Albert

“Yeah, the box is kinda sticky… sorry.”

While Arthur stares at the case, Yick says he “borrowed” it from his brother, in the sense that his brother is out of town and does not actually know it’s been “borrowed”. Yick says he can’t watch it at his house, because his grandma is always around, and says maybe they can watch it at Arthur’s dad’s house.

Arthur says he’s staying at his mom’s house this weekend. Yick notes with some excitement that her house is one of those wondrous, magical places that actually has a VCR. However, Arthur doesn’t know if it’s “fixed yet”. Ah, yes, the days when it actually made financial sense to get a VCR repaired instead of just buying a new VCR. Not to mention the days when only the chosen elite actually owned VCRs.

Yick holds up the tape and shows off the back cover, which has big letters reading, “Explicit Sex! Explicit Sex! Explicit Sex!” That must be the Gene Shalit blurb.

Yick says, “I hear it’s so hot, it’ll fry your eyeballs!” And Arthur gets a look on his face like this is not just a figure of speech, like he’s actually in danger of his eyeballs frying. Hey, it was 1987, the world was full of scary and unfamiliar new technology: VCRs, microwaves, cable TV, home video game consoles, who knew what was harmless and what could actually incinerate a person’s eyeballs?

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Best Laid Plans"

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