Degrassi Junior High “Kiss Me, Steph” (part 2 of 3)

Cut to Joey Jeremiah, Esq., with his arm draped around Arthur, leading him through the halls. The whole time, Joey is slapping skin with people left and right. He then introduces Arthur to Hank. Hank is a tallish, blonde kid with a slight resemblance to Kevin’s older brother on The Wonder Years. Also, Hank? Is never seen or heard from again on Degrassi. This is despite him giving Arthur the point-and-snap soul brother shake, and clearly looking like he’s best buds with Joey.

Degrassi Junior High "Kiss Me, Steph" (part 2 of 3)

I’m telling you, this Hank guy is going to be the breakout star of this show.

Joey opens a door, and tells Arthur this is class. Arthur, not looking at all, and somehow not noticing the door leads to a tiny room full of shelves and mops, awkwardly steps backwards into the room and thanks Joey. He then realizes he’s in the janitor’s closet, but alas, it’s too late: Joey shuts the door on him, and Arthur is trapped inside. And here’s the thing about janitor’s closets at Degrassi Junior High: They lock from the inside. Automatically.

Now, you’d think doors that lock automatically from the inside might be a slight safety concern. Especially in a junior high school. But given all the crazy shit these kids have to endure when they’re not in school, like drugs, and pregnancy, and drunk drivers, and pedophiles, I’d say storage closet doors should be the least of anybody’s concerns.

Degrassi Junior High "Kiss Me, Steph" (part 2 of 3)

“Sweet! My homeroom teacher is a mop, and my desk is a sink! It’s like I always dreamed!”

Arthur pounds on the door while Joey does yet another soul brother shake with Hank, best known as Degrassi’s winner of the Chuck Cunningham Memorial Award. (Maybe that was the trophy they were holding up in the opening credits.) And would you believe that soon-to-be MIA Hank is actually the first person in history to use an epithet unique to Degrassi? He declares, “What a broomhead!” It seems, much like Ronald Moore, the writers of Degrassi wanted to come up with an insult that would make it past the censors. Hence, “broomhead”, the standard slur of choice among Degrassi students. Sadly, this word never really caught on, or entered the general lexicon. I mean, “broomhead”? What does that even mean, when you think about it?

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Multi-Part Article: Degrassi Junior High "Kiss Me, Steph"

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