In Defense Of The Baby-Tossing Bus-Fighting Lady

This video is from last April, but when we looked at the dashboard of the thing where if we put up a video, and you play it, we get money, we saw that it was trending now. “We should definitely watch that video and then write about it,” we thought, and here we are!

First, we thought we should watch it because it is titled “Mom tosses infant to attack another bus rider who …” WHO WHAT??? We don’t know, maybe you should watch the video.

Oh, you have watched it? Good, let’s continue. First off, with a title like “Mom tosses infant to attack another bus rider who …” didn’t you think the mom threw her baby at the other passenger, like a baby projectile? Well, she did not!!! She shoved him into the arms of ANOTHER other passenger, like, HERE TAKE MY BABY, before she raced down the aisle to deliver a lesson. A lesson of pain!

Now. Think about if she hadn’t shoved her baby at that other passenger, and instead had raced down the aisle, arms windmilling and a-haymaking, with the baby still on her hip. Think how mad we would be then! She endangered that baby! we would all say. And we would be right!

Second: That baby is dressed awesome and warm and appropriately. GOOD JOB, infant-tossing bus-fighting lady!

So congratulations, Tossing-Infant-Bus-Fight-Mama. You get the Happy Nice Time Good Mothering Seal of Approval of the Year!

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  • doktorzoom

    For someone who is going to go whale on another passenger, handing the baby off was definitely the best option. Also far better than leaving the baby on seat, where baby might fall over.It is almost as if you cannot trust the titles of viral videos anymore!

    • rebecca

      I KNOW! What *is* the internet coming to??

      • glasspusher

        Viral videos make me sick.

        • Spurning Beer

          This video was not viral. It was fungal.

  • Mojopo

    As the youngest of six from a good Christian family, I can promise you that this was EVERYDAY in my family. I was footballed plenty when someone disrespected my mother. Plus, this mother is rocking the ombre look. A+

    • rebecca


  • WA Bishop

    That all said, she *did* make the spontaneous decision to entrust her child into the custody of some stranger on a bus in order to free up her hands to open a can of whoop-ass.

  • Ambignostic

    When, oh when, will people learn to hold their phones in landscape position?

    • glasspusher

      This. This is the real tragedy, every day. Just because everybody has a camera doesn’t make everybody a photographer/videographer.

  • glasspusher

    Seems the real tragedy here is WPIX 11 NYC has to resort to cell phone videos of this for news?

  • Yep.

    Is this the “Tiger Mothering” I’ve heard so much about?

    • glasspusher

      often results in offspring becoming cub reporters.