VIDEO: Deathstalker II (1987)

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Cecils reviews the sequel to the Conan ripoff that plays more like slapstick comedy.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    Two Good Bad Flicks in as many weeks? Christmas has come early. ūüôā

    • danbreunig

      Righto there. Cecil, you’ve put out so many GBFs of movies recently that I want to see now, that I may never get to because the list is starting to get a bit long. It also helps if I can find most of them locally.

      Otherwise I’ve seen only Parts 3 and 4, with 3 both in original and MST3K forms. Speaking of, with a thousand or so dollars less in the budget D2 could pass for the Ator movie they riffed.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    So is this related to “Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell” that they did in season seven of MST3K?
    IMDb says YES! – that was actually the third in the series. And there’s a fourth (as covered in the review) . Which means that this got more films than Conan.

    • Muthsarah

      Not if you include Red Sonja.


      • The_Stig

        No one includes Red Sonja.

  • Muthsarah

    Sooo… plays exactly like the real Conan sequel, you mean? Just without the…what’s the word…intent?

    Also, I have to ask: At around 11:19, exactly WHAT are you blackboxing in the lower-left corner? She’s clearly on the other side of the room (and clothed), and you can’t even see below his pecs. So just what is that up there that deserves the censorship?

    Wait….did they borrow their end credit style from Jackie Chan flicks? That’s AWESOME! Though, and I won’t blame you for this, you seem to be aping current Hollywood trailers: in trying to sell the film to viewers, you’re potentially spoiling the best part of the movie.