Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 7 of 11)

And now, the thrilling conclusion of Dean Koontz’s Mr Murder! Part two begins with a replay of the ending of part one, with Marty chasing after Alfie’s car on foot, and both of his daughters in the back seat screaming. Alfie finally gets the bright idea to actually speed up and Marty loses them.

Just then, Paige drives up behind Marty and stops the car. Marty jumps in on the driver’s side, then makes Paige climb over the gearshift and get into the passenger seat before they can resume pursuit of Alfie. Not exactly the tack I would have taken while in a chase, but that’s what he does. He goes after Alfie’s car while Paige screams at him the whole time that he’s “sick” and he needs help. After a thrilling low-speed car chase, Marty finds Alfie’s car parked on the side of the road. Running over to investigate, he finds it empty. He then utilizes his Spidey Sense to ascertain that Alfie and the girls have run into the backyard of a nearby house, and immediately follows after them.

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Multi-Part Article: Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998)

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