Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 5 of 11)

Cut to Paige about to take the kids to school. Marty makes a point of catching them as they leave, apparently because the film is running behind on its quota of cloying father-daughter moments. Strangely, we get a slow motion shot [?] of them both as they climb into the minivan. Paige, apparently concerned about Marty after the gun incident, tells him to “call me the second you feel anything weird”, to which Marty replies, “Millisecond.” Which is, I guess, somehow better.

We cut to Alfie in his car, now wearing the same Hawaiian shirt as the old guy in the mobile home. The implication is that he killed the couple in the mobile home, but this is hardly made clear. “A killer,” he’s saying to himself, “but not a bad guy! Misunderstood by society, forced to kill because of what had been done to him. A posse on his trail!” Then he lets out a Big Evil Laugh™. If this is in reference to something, I haven’t got the faintest clue what. Is this the intro to The Incredible Hulk TV show, or what?

We then see Marty in his study, unable to concentrate on his writing. He gets impatient about his appointment later on, and calls down to the doctor’s office to find out if they can take him earlier. The receptionist, by the way, tells Marty that she just read his novel Crimes of Fashion, and that it’s “incredible”. (The funny thing about some of these mock titles is that they’re actually better than some real titles of Dean Koontz novels.) Unfortunately, though, they can’t take him any sooner.

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Multi-Part Article: Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998)

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