Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 4 of 11)

We immediately cut to Alfie watching the front of a hotel through his rifle scope. According to the banner outside, the Flagg Petroleum annual Christmas party is being held here. When Kingman Flagg arrives, Alfie pulls out a thin plastic tube that looks exactly like the top of a ballpoint pen refill. I’m not even going to go into the laughable way he supposedly loads the thing into his rifle.

Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 4 of 11)

Bet you never knew that PaperMate’s biggest customers are highly trained assassins.

Unsurprisingly, Alfie hits Kingman Flagg with just one shot, even though he’s across the street and the projectile is the size of, well, a ballpoint pen refill. Alfie even manages to hit Flagg in the back of the neck, which is remarkable considering the guy is clearly facing in Alfie’s direction. Flagg at first shrugs it off as a bug bite, then after a few moments, collapses into the crowd. All the other Flagg Petroleum employees rush over, either to check if he’s okay or to make sure he’s signed their Christmas bonus checks before he croaks.

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Multi-Part Article: Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998)

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