Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 2 of 11)

We next see a series of limos driving across a rain soaked street. The caption on the screen informs us this is “Oslett Technologies – four months later”. As the limos pull up to the curb, we hear a voiceover informing us that a “‘war without widows’ is an idea whose time has come,” and that the Department of Defense and Oslett Technologies have been working together on just this idea for quite a while. “We begin an awesome adventure,” the voice explains, which immediately got my hopes up that we would cut to a better movie. But, alas, no.

It soon becomes apparent what the Oslett family is up to, as the voice explains that “from a single strand of DNA, we will forge a new warrior”. That is, they will use human cloning to create the perfect soldier. As he says this, completely unrelated images of an embryo in utero are flashed on the screen. We cut to the guy speaking, and we finally learn the voice is that of Dan Lauria, who also played Kevin’s dad on The Wonder Years. (Once again, the casting is somewhat lacking. The notion of an unholy alliance between Lowell and Jack Arnold doesn’t exactly have me quaking in my boots.) Here, he plays General Ames, in full Army uniform, leading a group of governmental muckety-mucks on a tour of this “high-tech” facility.

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Multi-Part Article: Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998)

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