Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998) (part 10 of 11)

Next we get a stock footage shot of the Capitol Building in Washington. Daddy Oslett is telling his friend at the Department of Justice about the whole Alfie project. (Why a guy from the Justice Department is meeting people in the Capitol Building is anyone’s guess.) The Justice guy then promises to take this “straight to the Attorney General” and walks off. The Attorney General, as it turns out, is also hanging out in the Capitol Building, which sure makes things easier. As the Attorney General turns around, surprise, surprise, we see that he’s one of those Really Important People who were present for Alfie’s birth and are presumably behind the whole thing.

Back at the cabin, a red station wagon pulls up and Drew, Jr. gets out. Oh, sure, they could have shown how he got the station wagon, but let’s just be thankful this movie’s not any longer than it already is. Somehow, Drew knows to head for the mill, but before he gets far, his cell phone rings. On the other end are the three Really Important People on a speakerphone. Drew says he’s almost got Alfie, and that “the Gavin Lumbacher scenario should play out quite nicely in an abandoned lumber mill”. In case you’re as clueless as I was the first time I heard this, Gavin Lumbacher is a character out of one of Marty’s books. Remember how they were going to recreate stuff out of Crimes of Fashion? No? Well, don’t worry, because it hardly matters at this point.

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Multi-Part Article: Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder (1998)

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