Deafula (1975) (part 9 of 10)

Cut to Steve driving up to a large mansion. He goes up and stares at the front door, eyes wide, until the door just opens by itself. Wait, did he just use the Force? Maybe the midichlorians really are his father. And if this is a museum, maybe he could have just paid the admission fee and waited for the tour like everyone else?

A lonely violin wails as Steve stalks around the empty mansion. This just goes on forever, with Steve blindly wandering around the place. Sir, these exhibits are closed! Didn’t you see the velvet rope?

There’ s a cut, and suddenly he’s entering a cave. He grabs a torch from the wall and descends some stairs. So, we’re supposed to believe this is taking place underneath a museum, huh? I must say, I haven’t heard of too many museums built directly over massive underground caverns. But then again, I haven’t been to too many museums where vampires are buried, either, so I guess I can’t really talk.

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Multi-Part Article: Deafula (1975)

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