Deafula (1975) (part 8 of 10)

And now we return to Flashback City, back at the old cabin. We see the young, babe version of Amy, attending to Steve’s Mom, who’s pregnant, and also a babe. Old Amy’s voiceover continues while Young Amy and Steve’s Mom converse. Amy says she asked Steve’s Mom if she was “happy about having her baby”, and you’ll be relieved to know the answer was yes.

Caption contributed by Albert

“So… wanna make out?”

Then Young Amy asked when she was due to have the baby, and Steve’s Mom replied “in a little while”. And despite the casual way she says that, she really means in a little while, as in, about thirty seconds from now.

Young Amy immediately rushes to get a pitcher of water, while Steve’s Mom writhes around in bed. Why is it everybody’s first inclination to go run and get water for a woman about to give birth? Amy soaks a towel and wipes Mom’s forehead. Thanks, that’s very helpful.

In the midst of this, Old Amy recounts how she told Steve’s Mom that she was “happy for her, she was grown up, and married, and having a baby.” And I’m sure Mom was grateful to have someone there telling her things she already fucking knows while she’s in labor! Jesus! And if we compare Young Amy’s dialogue to Old Amy’s dialogue, it looks like stating the obvious is a habit you never grow out of.

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Multi-Part Article: Deafula (1975)

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