Deafula (1975) (part 7 of 10)

Speaking of Steve, he’s running like a fucking spazz through the woods. He stops at a tree and molests it a little bit, and then spits out a mouthful of oatmeal. Oh, I guess that’s supposed to be him throwing up. My mistake. Is this really how vampires get when they’re thirsty for blood? They start puking up their breakfasts?

Caption contributed by Albert

I tried to come up with a caption, I really did, but everything I thought of offended even me.

He perks up, however, when he sees something off in the distance. Well, well, look what we have here. And obligatory Make Out Couple, necking in the middle of the woods on a blanket. Boy, did the two of you pick the wrong time to materialize out of thin air.

Make Out Girl doesn’t seem to like Make Out Guy’s technique, because she signs, “You’re too hot! Go cool off!” The statement made no sense to me, either, until I realized they’re actually near a lake. So the guy stands, strips off his flannel, throws it in her face, and then dives in the lake. Wow. You’ve got to be pretty bad as a lover when your girlfriend tells you to go jump in a lake.

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Multi-Part Article: Deafula (1975)

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