Deafula (1975) (part 1 of 10)

The Cast of Characters:
Peter Wechsberg as Deafula/Steve AdamsDeafula/Steve Adams (Peter Wechsberg). The strangest vampire of all time. Doesn’t mind sunlight, keeps a crucifix, and most likely snacks on raw cloves of garlic. And as the name suggests, he’s deaf, and communicates entirely through sign language, just like everyone else in this movie. No, I’m not kidding.
James D. Randall as The PreacherThe Preacher (James D. Randall). Steve/Deafula’s Dad, who periodically donates blood to help his vampire son. (Long story.) Not too much else to say about him, except he seems like an all-around nice guy. But really, what did you expect from a Preacher?
Lee Darrel as The DetectiveThe Detective (Lee Darrel). The world’s most inept detective. Struggling to catch a serial murderer who drains his victims’ blood, even though the murderer is his close friend Steve. Whom he grew up with. In this film, he raises “passing the buck” to an art form.
Dudley Hemstreet as Inspector ButterfieldInspector Butterfield (Dudley Hemstreet). The world’s second most inept detective. He misses out on the top spot primarily by catching the vampire killer, even though this seems to happen mostly by accident. This movie’s dreaded comic relief character.
Cindy Whitney & Norma Tuccinardi as Young Amy/Old AmyYoung Amy/Old Amy (Cindy Whitney & Norma Tuccinardi). A friend of Deafula’s dearly departed mom, who imparts all sorts of secrets to Deafula that don’t even come close to making any sense. Has a bizarre servant who lost his—no, wait. I can’t spoil it here.
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Multi-Part Article: Deafula (1975)

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