VIDEO: Deadly Sins (1995)

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Cecil looks at the erotic nunspoitation thriller Deadly Sins, starring Alyssa Milano.

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  • Non-Deadly Sins?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      not sure?

  • DeanD

    And here I thought I had seen all the mid-90s Alyssa Milano exploitation films. Usually any thriller centered around a convent is a safe bet for good time!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      This is the least known of them. Bummer because it is the best of the bunch, even though she is only briefly nude.

  • Sean Tadsen

    Minor nitpick – the girl at the beginning was not “hung”, she was “hanged”. She’s a person, not a picture.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      verb (used with object), hung or especially for 4, 5, 20, hanged; hanging.


      to fasten or attach (a thing) so that it is supported only from above or at a point near its own top; suspend.

      • Sean Tadsen

        4. to put to death by suspending by the neck from a gallows, gibbet, yardarm, or the like.
        5. to suspend (oneself) by the neck until dead: He hanged himself from a beam in the attic.

        verb (used without object), hung or especially for 24, hanged; hang·ing.

        24. to be suspended by the neck, as from a gallows, and suffer death in this way.

        Check and mate, sir.

        • mamba

          Can we just say “she killed herself with a rope around her neck”, so the grammer police can let us get back to the point? (laugh)

          • Muthsarah



          • mamba

            Ah, you got the joke…good! (lol)

            Though if you wanna keep playing, that one was the job for the SPELLING police! ;)

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Tori Spelling has her own police force? ^^


      She was both, actually. She was a hermaphrodite with a 12 inch dick.

  • Muthsarah

    Gotta ask. I came into the ‘nets just after this whole Alyssa Milano thing had come and gone. Was she, like, THE pin-up of the 90s? I know she was in “Who’s the Boss” in the 80s (which I kinda watched a little in reruns), but, between that and “Charmed”, all I’ve heard is of films like Poison Ivy 2. And her name in general. A LOT. Was she a big deal, or just among…umm….fans of exploitation…or something…? I think I’ve heard her mentioned as one of the first big Internet “stars”, but if she really didn’t even want to be in these pics (like you said about Poison Ivy 2), I don’t quite know what to think of that. Was it…kinda skeevy?

    I’m approaching this more as a history question. Clinical-like. Were you part of this internet geek wave, Mr. T. Robot? Would you own up to it if you were? I feel like the mid-90s are still a gap in my pop cultural knowledge. Early 90s was little kid-dom, Late 90s was pre/teendom. Something happened in between, but I wasn’t really paying attention, I guess.

    Also, I finally watched “Cyclone”, months late. And, yes, it was fun. No more than that, really. Loved the Combs, wished there’d been more. But it’s a good late-night who-cares kinda restrained (by the budget) cheese-fest. Asked a coupla questions of you back in your review.

    P.S. The Catholic church seems to lend itself so well to movies and such. Speaking as an outsider, it seems like there are so many people raised in that church that turn out to be great (if haunted) filmmakers, insightful (and cynical) reviewers, and fun (if crazy) people, and it always seems like an irresistable (for me and for the filmmakers) setting for another supernatural, psychological, or just plain trashy flick. It has a whole extra layer of mysticism to it, though prolly not one those ruler-wielded nuns had intended. Like people I’ve known who have been in the military have a kind of focus and intensity to them, people raised Catholic have a thousand-yard stare all their own. D’you think it left an imprint on you, or am I misreading your lil’ critiques?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Alyssa Milano was THE teen sex symbol of the late 80s/early 90s. She was on all kinds of magazine covers, she had her workout video “teen steam”. she was in made for TV movies like Dance til Dawn where she played the “perfect” girl, etc. She was the thing…until Who’s the boss ended.

      After that she had major trouble finding work, due to her being typecast from the show. She floundered with a bunch of low budget made for TV movies but eventually, even those dried up.

      Since her character on Who’s the Boss was what would be considered a “goody goody”, the only scripts she began to receive were ones where she was getting naked. The producers were only interested in getting her into roles that destroyed her good girl image. She did Embrace of the Vampire, a movie where she gets put through just about everything. (straight, lesbian, three way, four way)

      She got really lucky when Fear became a huge hit. This led to her being cast in Hugo Pool, an indie film with a huge cast. This helped get her the gig on Melrose Place and her turn on there impressed Aaron Spelling so much, he cast her as one of the leads on Charmed.

      I had a major crush on Alyssa Milano, as did many others at the time.

      I was raised Irish Catholic but am now agnostic. The church did kind of mess me up to a certain degree, for example, I feel guilty about just about everything. Too long to go into, but I’ll just say that the church does have a way of getting into your head and I can understand why many people consider it brainwashing to a certain degree.

      I don’t begrudge my upbringing because I do think that at the core, there is a lot of good people who are religious, not religious nuts. Also, it has given me lots of material to goof on.

      Religious things lend themselves really well to supernatural themed material. There is so much to pull from so you can twist the theme to fit into just about any genre.

  • Alexa

    I wonder what’s worse; Poison Ivy 2 or Charmed…I’m gonna say Charmed b/c at least Poison Ivy 2 is over in about an hour or so, and not 8 mind numbing seasons : /

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      I really enjoyed Charmed on and off. I thought when Rose McGowan joined the show was strong for that season (probably the strongest season they had) and the season after that was good but then they went goofy. I only saw a few episodes out of the last 2 seasons.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        I enjoyed Charmed AFTER Rose McGowan entered the show – because after that it really turned into “Stargate:SG-1 – the magic version”… with the difference, that everyone was Jack O’Neill and was wisecracking as if there’d be no tomorrow. I really liked that. ^^

      • Alexa

        Well I watched Charmed a little bit here and there when I was younger and enjoyed the first two seasons, when effort was actually put in, but I am going to have to trust Lupa’s really extensive and hilarious overview of the whole series. Its just not fun to invest time into a show, and then they end on what is probably the worst writing I have ever seen.

  • Kevin Weaver

    I’m sorry…what…what was up with the bit about “No, not you Seymour!”

    I couldn’t even finish the video before making this comment, I had to ask. It confused the hell out of me.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Inside joke there. My friends and I have an ongoing joke about how Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X is a pervert. I know not everyone would get it, obviously, but I do throw inside jokes in every so often. (its pretty rare though)

      • Kevin Weaver

        Ah, okay. I can see that. He was…questionably pervy. Fun though.

        But hooray! It all makes sense now!

  • RockyDmoney

    Last few vids have been a great return to form Cecil. I almost gave up on you after you tried(and failed) to defend the reprehensible Man of Steel. Man of Steel was a dark, depressing, stupid, boring, loud, utterly joyless headache-inducing convoluted mess

    • Wizkamridr

      Obviously you walked into the theater hating the film. I guess I was the only one who watched the trailers and read the reviews before watching the film. Avoid the new 52. You would not like it.

      • RockyDmoney

        Didnt see it in the theater but at a friends house after it came out on DVD. I knew very little of the movie except the killing of Zod. Which I was ready to accept as long as a good case was made for it, there wasnt. I still dont understand why he was so upset about killing Zod as this superman was not taught the value of all life by the Kents, Instead he was taught that his secrets are more important than human life


    I guess the rotating bed was a leftover from when the nunnery was a winery.