Deadfall (1993) (part 5 of 6)

Joe frees Lou, and later, they talk about the big con while standing out by the oil fields where they apparently buried Eddie’s body. Evidently, Eddie was the main player in the con, and now Lou needs Joe to take his place. As luck would have it, it’s going to be the exact same con we saw in the beginning of the film. Naturally. Otherwise, our hero would have no emotional dilemma to work his way through.

Joe is vague in his answer, and sure enough, we next cut to him driving around while narrating about what the audience can already guess. Look, we already know he’s tormented by the nature of the con. Goddamn, I love this film, but holy shit, is the script awful!

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Michael realizes all too late what his career has come to: taking a backseat to a crackhead in a Tony Clifton wig for forty minutes.

Joe arrives back at his motel, and after some emotional outbursts where Joe isn’t sure he can trust Diane, and a rather shameless reference to Apocalypse Now, we get a dream sequence comprised of Joe walking towards us with his head down, with black and white photos zooming at us. It’s very artsy, very pretentious, and totally pointless. It’s also very predictable, as it ends with Joe shooting Mike.

Deadfall (1993) (part 5 of 6)

Yes, even though this ties in with the main character’s dilemma, it’s still pointless. Why? Because it’s shit we already knew after the first three minutes of the movie, and Michael Biehn is a good enough actor that we don’t need the constant narration and bullshit reminders. I honestly don’t know what the hell Chris Coppola was thinking when he made this movie, but I can safely say he has nothing on his uncle.

When this film sticks to just out of the blue strangeness, it’s great, but when it tries to go for the deep character stuff, goddamn. To be fair though, the dream itself is moderately out there, but when you compare it to what’s come before and what will follow, it just doesn’t hold up.

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Multi-Part Article: Deadfall (1993)

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