Deadfall (1993) (part 3 of 6)

They pull up to an apartment complex to pick up Eddie’s girlfriend, and then we get more unintentional humor when Eddie gets out and we see Cage’s attire for this scene. Seriously, if wearing a black pinstripe shirt with a white jacket and a puke green bowtie was ever in fashion, I hope to god it never comes back in style.

Deadfall (1993) (part 3 of 6)

Also as hysterical are the constant hand and arm motions Cage makes throughout the scene. Seriously, every gesture he makes just screams out, “I’m showing off for my brother, the director, and there’s not a goddamn thing anyone can do about it, man!” Come to think of it, the same can be said for his entire performance here.

Eddie’s girlfriend is Diane, played by Sarah Trigger, who’s probably the only performer in this movie with a speaking part who’s not that well known. Diane is immediately taken with Joe, as anyone would be if their only other option was a greasy, crazed Nicolas Cage.

Deadfall (1993) (part 3 of 6)

After making a rather odd show of presenting Diane with flowers (I never knew you could overdo fake bashfulness and mumbling, but there you go), they get in the car, with the flowers being unceremoniously tossed into the back seat.

Eddie suggests they have some “fun time family fun” by running a scam. What follows is the first of several bizarre tantrums from Cage, when his car stalls a bit before finally starting. But the best part is how the tantrum interrupts Joe in mid-narration as he tells us shit we already know.

Joe: [in voiceover] It looked like I had to pay my dues by wilding with Uncle Lou’s flunkies.
Eddie: [screaming like a deranged lunatic] Fuck, this fucker’s fucked!
Joe: [in voiceover] Well, at least he was a lively fellow.

Eddie finally gets the car started (complete with a huge “winding it up” arm motion), and they drive off. Jesus, Cage is both horrible and brilliant in this movie! You can find just his scenes on the web, but I think you really need to see this stuff in the context of the film. Out of context, it’s hilarious, but in context, it’s just mind blowing.

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Multi-Part Article: Deadfall (1993)

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