VIDEO: DC Comics is run by children

In this editorial, Sybil Pandemic talks about the concept of “mature entertainment” and how a certain company is doing it wrong by giving us a child’s version of maturity, undoing all their characters’ marriages and making them angsty, miserable, and hateful all the time.

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  • Alexa

    Wow Didio is a tool…But really while I like things to get kind of dark, you still can’t appreciate the dark without the light. The key word here is balance. Like you suggested things can get pretty boring when nothing really changes, whether its someone who is always happy or someone who is always miserable. A little variety in characterization is most welcomed, because making everyone like everyone else is just the worst thing you could do in any story. And who says they have to be miserable to know the importance of their role as superheroes, they were doing pretty good for years before this stupid mandate, Mr. Didio.

  • Magdalen

    “Stories need levity.” Spot on!

    • Jay_Bay

      That is truly the answer, aint it.

      • The_Stig

        Seriously, even Hamlet and MacBeth had the Gravedigger and the Porter respectively which means even Shakespeare knew the importance of levity in dark, depressing tragedy. Hamlet had Osric and Polonius too.

  • Ricardo Cantoral

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo Cantoral

    And on a related subject, this is why Lupin the 3rd is a more enduring character than Spike Speigel from Cowboy Bebop.

    • As far as I know, Lupin lives through all of his series. That does tend to contribute to continuing. Also, Spike is very light hearted, pick pocketing, drinking, porn, and any number of other activities. He’s fine.

      • Ricardo Cantoral

        I am talking about more about the perception of what makes a character cool as stated in this video. Spike always felt like a poser to me. Always trying to be cool and often came off as just an unpleasant jerk that I would never hang around with. Lupin on the other hand wasn’t afraid to be silly because knew he was just that damn cool.

  • schwaa

    And this is why I enjoy Japanese heroes. They put a balance of funny and serious.

    • $36060516

      It’s not really accurate to generalize about the heroes of Japanese stories in this manner. There are a lot of storytellers in Japan in various media and not all of the heroes balance funny and serious.

      • Ricardo Cantoral

        As matter of fact, many suffer the same aforementioned tropes as listed in Plasma Mongoose’s link.

      • huh?

        In regards to japanese heroes. ultraman, kamen rider and super sentai have an equal balance of funny and serious. you obviously don’t watch those type of shows. they are the mainstream heroes in japan. hyperviolent anime with panty shots and funky hair anime are not the mainstream heroes.

        • $36060516

          You’ve named two franchises and a sub-genre of children’s television. Those do not add up to the totality of “Japanese heroes.” The word “mainstream” was never mentioned in the original post, by the way, you’re introducing it. But if you want to talk mainstream, the hyperviolence, panty shots, and funky hair you say are not mainstream all feature in the Akira Toriyama manga and anime series “Dragon Ball,” which is about as mainstream as you can get in Japan.

          • thanksguy

            Thank you o expert of who are the big name heroes of japan. Ultraman is the big daddy not goku. your opinion doesnt mean mine is wrong and vice versa. Sub genre? what are you even talking about? kamen rider has blown sentai and ultraman out of the water in terms of popularity. ultraman equals dc sentai and kamen rider could either be marvel.

          • $36060516

            “Ultraman is the big daddy not goku.”

            I wasn’t aware anyone had proposed a popularity contest between them.

            “your opinion doesnt mean mine is wrong and vice versa.”

            I really don’t know which opinion you’re speaking of at this moment, as the original post in this thread was by “schwaa,” and when I disagreed with it I received a response from “huh?” and when I replied to that I got replied to by “thanksguy.” If you are in fact all of these people, your opinion actually is wrong, as you said “hyperviolent anime with panty shots and funky hair anime are not the mainstream” and I named a manga series that’s sold 230 million books which includes all of those elements, so yes, you are wrong.

          • justcallmetroll

            bloody hell. i fully aware of the popularity of db. imo kr, ss and ultraman are the big three in terms of super heroes. let me go back to bleeping original post. they have a balance of humor and being serious. db does this. omg! i’m wrong and you’re right in regards to mainstream. here’s your bag of cash.

          • $36060516

            It would explain a lot if you’re still in high school. Conversation of this quality would be a little more understandable in that context.

          • troll

            Thank you for your insults. You’re acting the same age. I said funky hair anime wasn’t mainstream and you had to prove me wrong with stats. What I was trying to say is, imo. these children’s heroes (as you call them) as just as big as D.C. and Marvel. I’m done “acting childish”, there was a misunderstanding with what I was trying to say. I apologize. I’m done.

          • gokaigergavan

            I thought everyone on the net acted like they still were in HS

          • gokaigergavan

            Mainstream can mean 2 things:
            What’s popular that sticks around(DB) and out with the old and in with the new(Naruto, One Piece, whatever)

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Mister_Misinformed? I give you “Conan Edogawa”. Another prime example of an anime and manga without hyperviolence, panty shots and funky hair – and it is very mainstream.
            And it strikes the balance between funny and serious very well, if you ask me.

          • $36060516

            I’ve heard of that one, but not seen it. Thanks for the recommendation.

            Just in case there was a misunderstanding, though, I didn’t say that things that don’t have those things in them (such as your example) are not mainstream in Japan. I was saying it isn’t correct to say that things that do have those things in them aren’t part of the mainstream of Japanese culture, and gave “Dragon Ball” as an example.

            The greater acceptance (to some degree) of such phenomena in mainstream Japanese culture is why so many Japanese manga and anime end up censored when they’re imported to the United States. They let kids see things our culture has a problem with.

          • gokaigergavan

            Anime is a dime a dozen, though I see your point.

          • huh?

            thanks for the wiki answer

          • $36060516

            Your insults and drama over not being able to admit a simple mistake are almost tragic in their pettiness.

          • troll

            As opposed to your drama and pettiness checking these messages and coming back with smart ass remarks.

          • $36060516

            Disqus automatically gives its registered commenters an alert whenever we get a response to any of our posts. It takes no extra work to see when they’ve been replied to. At this point I’m simply watching in sad awe at your unfortunate difficulty with accurately perceiving reality and having fun laughing in your face.

          • gokaigergavan

            “At this point I’m simply watching in sad awe at your unfortunate difficulty with accurately perceiving reality and having fun laughing in your face.”
            I have no idea how your discussion with the person with a million user names has anything to do with video review about D.C. comics. I also don’t see the point at making fun of someone over a stupid conversation.

          • $36060516

            “I have no idea how your discussion with the person with a million user names has anything to do with video review about D.C. comics.”

            Your five replies to that discussion within an hour, on the other hand, add a whole lot of relevance to that subject! 😉

          • gokaigergavan

            I can’t tell who is insulting who. What was this conversation about?

      • thanksguy

        they have dark heroes in japan? ns.

        • $36060516

          Hope that made you feel better. Seems like you could use all of the affirmation you can get.

          • troll

            please get over yourself.

          • gokaigergavan

            I hope you feel better after making fun of people even if they are wrong.

      • gokaigergavan

        Why does it even really matter? You’re talking about fictional characters, not the Obama health care plan.

  • Sounds like DC needs to read up on the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy trope and they need to do it NOW!

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    And what is with this “We want to be taken seriously”-crap?
    Your stories feature superhuman beings, who can fly, see through walls, rock, underwear, who are able to have ice-breath and punch holes in pretty much everything they want to punch holes in.
    Your stories feature sad kids, who grow up to be sad men and wear ridiculous outfits and fight eeeeeevil evildoers.
    Your stories evolve around one of the monsters of the old movie-monster-lineup and make him an agent of a shady group.

    Sorry, none of your stories are meant to be taken seriously.
    They are means of escapism – of course, they should evolve – but don’t evolve a character and then hit the reset-button.

    • You can take a silly premise and do it seriously. Saying that concepts such as monsters or aliens are inherently incapable of being explored seriously is an equally immature view of the subject matter. You can make a silly story set in a totally “real” world just as you can make a drama or romance in a completely fantastic one.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        You can DO it seriously, but you should never forget, what your story is about. Of course, you can write a serious piece of entertainment about – say: Superman dying and the world needs to deal with it.
        And you can examine Bruce Wayne and how he deals with all of those enemies he battles, when he is wearing the cape and the mask.
        You can have a look at Wonder Woman balancing her nature (a goddess MADE OF CLAY – seriously I take that over ‘being fathered from Zeus’ at any time), her nurture (being taught by Amazons) and her destiny (being one of the greatest heroines of them all).
        But that should be singular issues – granted: with ramifications through your entire series – and next time you should bring in lighthearted stuff.

        What I meant, initially, was : Stop being so superserious, comics.
        Because: What are you at the end of the day?
        You are stories about an alien, a man dressed up as a bat and a woman made out of clay.

        • I don’t really understand what you are saying at this point. You are saying that dealing with serious topics or character development is possible, but then you say that the stories are ultimately about silly premises. Those two points are at odds with one another.

          My position is that superheroes are not inherently incapable of dealing with mature subject matter, nor is the material in and of itself immature.
          You can take a story seriously regardless of the clothing aesthetic of the characters. You can tell serious stories or silly stories with these premises.

          DC’s problem is that they are mistaking dark subject matter with mature. It is possible to have a serious story with serious characters handling a complex issue in a world that is not relentlessly miserable. Whether they make stories that are hard science contemporary police procedurals or fantasy realm high adventure, they need to not be in a world that is impossible to like or care about, and they need to have a life worth working for.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Okay, let me try to explain that to you.

            Superhero comics = Silly premisses.
            Silly premisses = Not to be taken seriously.
            Nolans Batman = taking silly premisses waaaaaaaay to


            Silly premisses taken seriously = is able to work.
            Because people want to read or see that.
            Because people say “Superhero comics are not silly”

            Yet clearly Superhero comics ARE silly.
            guy dressed up as a bat fighting a one-man-war against crime = not realistic
            alien coming from space, fighting crime = not realistic
            being made from clay turned into human, fighting crime = ridiculously not realistic.

            See the pattern?

            This stuff is not realistic and therefore – sorry – not to
            be taken seriously.
            Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy comics as much as the next guy –
            but I don’t have any problems with the more sillier side of it, like the Batman
            show of the 60s.

            Yeah, it looks cheesy and hokey, and yet… sorry – the show
            to me is Batman in a nutshell.
            Because it takes the inherent ridiculousness of that whole
            premisse and turns it up to 11.

            Let’s make a quick reality check here, okay?
            If a man, dressed up as a bat, would come and want to aid
            the police – what would happen in real world? Right – he would be send home or
            to the next mental institution.
            In the world, we read about, yet the Police does not only
            NOT send him home, they actively ask him to help them – via Batsignal, red
            phone or whatnot.

            So therefore: This concept is silly – it is not based on any
            reality and therefore should not be taken seriously.

            Yes, there are great and tragic works about Superman dying and great and tragic backstories of the Joker and yet… come on – stop being serious about something that is clearly not.

            And no, I’m not talking about the abstract, the “Oh, this is just about an immigrant” – I’m talking about the fact, that this story is about a man, dressed as a bat, a clown or the american flag, with a giant S on his chest, is given such tragic backstories, that I think “Oh, welcome to melodrama 101.”

  • Gallen_Dugall

    I’ll add a bit of a different perspective that might explain things a bit differently if not better and I base my thoughts on the marketing classes I was required to take in school. When they say “maturity” they don’t mean it, they’re just pushing a particular demographic, one that wants to be seen as mature. In large part this is marketing 101 – Your existing customers aren’t worth crap, the only thing that matters is new customers. To draw in new customers, young customers, and the way they do this is by presenting what they’ve decided a child’s notion of maturity is on the popular theory that “children don’t want to be children and they want to be angry bitter adults instead”*.
    I look at this as another example of the pervasive cluster mess produced by modern marketing throughout the western world. Marketing cannot produce statistics to prove that they helped you retain customers so while current customers are (logically) actually really important to a product’s success they are ignored. They have lots of catch phrases about “growing future profitability” to explain this philosophy but how marketing has sold itself to management is as part of “risk reduction”. You can tell a company with competent management from a company with incompetent management by how much they obsess over risk reduction, which in turn relates to how much they bow before the alter of marketing – remember all those banks we in the USAlund bailed out? Their policies were entirely driven by risk reduction marketing nonsense… and still are, so we can expect to bail them out again in the future.
    I’m not trying to say that all marketing is bad, there are lots of
    useful things you can do through modern marketing techniques to promote
    and improve a product, but there is a big difference between good productive marketing and the marketing that results when the marketing department is told to come up with company policy for a product line by incompetent management unable to make a decision.
    I speculate that this is why Didio sounds like he is constantly trying to rationalize the decisions “he made”.
    *I largely blame Rush Limbaugh for perpetuating this notion.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Fantastic. The only thing I would add is, DC does have a couple titles that are trying to be funny: Orange Lantern and Justice League 3000. The problem? They aren’t funny. At all. Go to Scans Daily to check out pages from both and even when DC is trying to bring the humor it is just a long bitchfest full of asshole characters you wish were dead. I think Keith Giffen should just retire because ever since halfway through his last Ambush Bug mini series he hasn’t made me laugh once.

    And I agree concerning Image and Marvel. Mighty Avengers is a hoot, full of fun characters who act, you know, heroic. Waid’s Daredevil is an enjoyable read, a nice balance of angst and heart with a little humor thrown in. Waid’s Hulk is an interesting read, where you have Bruce Banner trying hard as hell to prove he’s not just a guy who sometimes turns into a monster.

    Atomic Robo. Buy it, people. Go read free Atomic Robo comics at this site.

    OMFG! An Atomic Robo role playing game!

    • Solkir

      Ugh, I read both of those. It made me hate Larfleeze.

  • TheCrazyFish

    RE: “We have a gay character and if you don’t support all our decisions about said character then you’re homophobic.”

    This sounds suspiciously similar to George W. Bush’s “if you don’t support the war then you don’t support the troops” reasoning.

    …oh my God! DC Comics is run by a gay George W. Bush! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

    • drumstick00m

      Well yeah, Batman invented the spy equipment. 😛

  • This video calls out the problems that persist DC and MARVEL comics and why the medium is DYING.

    • drumstick00m

      Macroeconomics 101: Greed makes Madmen and Wall Street Wolves feel entitled to an additional Harry Potter and Dark Knight’s worth of profit each year; and Otaku and Fanboys are only happy to oblige because lust. All this is for the greater good says patriarchy because all that profit can be used to build Tomorrowland–eventually.

      I want to say I am being facetious…

  • Killian Mitchell

    I think what Didio said is idiotic. If a superhero has nothing to fight for, then why are they fighting at all? If they’re that depressed and misanthropic and hate filled then why are they trying to save people at all? Wouldn’t someone who has nothing but hatred be more like to sort of sit there and go, enh, I could help, but why? What has the world done for me? It can burn for all I care.

    • $36060516

      Also, I think he said in that speech that it was their duty to send this message to children. Why are we supposed to teach kids to have no personal lives?

      • Solkir

        I don’t know you guys. After all, isn’t that why there aren’t any police officers or doctors or fire fighters with families and personal lives? Truly DiDio is the visionary he tells himself he is in the mirror every morning.

  • $36060516

    Don’t know if it’s appropriate to say so or not, but Sybil is pretty hot.

    • I’d ask her out and I’m not even into girls.

  • The_Stig

    I think Joe Quesada might be a Time Lord who regenerated into Dan DiDio

  • Jesus, they’re doing it in their comics too? Man of Steel was crap for many reasons, but chief among them was the utter joylessness. As DC should have learned from TDKR, there can be no true despair without hope. Requiem for a Dream’s ending was all the more crushing for the earlier optimism, but I didn’t give a crap about Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider because nothing good seemed to happen to her and it got boring fast.

    I can’t wait for the comic book movie craze to come to an end. It’s magnum opus concluded two years ago and while Marvel’s flicks are fun they’re getting rather samey, DC’s have been abysmal so far and everything announced about Batman vs Superman at least seem to indicate that it will crash and burn in a Heaven’s Gate-esque fireball, which I hope will at least give the genre a viking funeral.

  • gofig

    i guess i’m the only one who found joy in the dark knight dragon ball superman movie.

  • Jason Withrow

    The “Batman being mature for the rest of the Bat-family” bit is one of the reasons the Arkham games are DC’s only property it seems I’m bothering with any more. There was a part in Origins where Bruce goes off on Alfred about him being the city’s saviour and I thought “oh here we go…” but by the end of the game things had one-eighty’d, complete with a great visual motif of a flock of bats following one large bat. Yes: this is the Batman I actually want to see. It’s like the writers chose to do a Year Two story just to underline this point, and given Bruce distancing himself from the others in City’s DLC, they’re probably building up to something along these lines for the proper third game. Hopefully DC won’t intervene between here and there…

    • Solkir

      I disagree. Origins did the exact same thing that DC is doing with the comics. In that scene where he yells at Alfred, we’re meant to side with Batman. At no point during the story are we lead to believe that Batman is wrong for being so hateful, nor is he ever confronted about it again.

      • Alexa

        Yeah I actually kind of hated Origins because while the previous games were dark they still had way more levity than Origins. I know its Batman in his early days but it was excruciating to watch the makers make a game that was already dark even darker and turn Batman from his confident and charismatic self into a hateful and annoying whiner.

      • Jason Withrow

        I was disappointed he wasn’t shot down about it, he was a total ass, but I felt that the game was saying at one point “Batman stands alone” only to let “Batman can’t stand alone” win out in the end no matter what Bruce said, so it seemed the writers had picked a side (though the scenes could also be seen as “Gotham needs Batman” and “Batman can’t stand alone” which would mean Batman stands uncontested and uncorrected). Then again, we are talking about a company rapidly building up a reputation for terrible writing…You’re right he doesn’t get directly shot down for it though, and that’s a problem,

        • Solkir

          It’s not even that he wasn’t shot down. The way the scene is framed, we’re meant to believe that Batman is right and Alfred is wrong. That everyone needs to shut up and listen to batman and give him what he needs because he’s always right.

          • Jason Withrow

            Yeah, absolutely, the scene was awful for that, just straight-up gross. Alfred apologizing after the fact was even worse. If I’m right and they were intending to counter things, they’re not doing themselves any favours by playing to the Nolan-esque growling without slightest modification.

  • Jay_Bay

    So…..I have a feeling you do not like Dan Didio that much.

  • DoctorKrieger

    I know this won’t be a popular comment I write, but I try to express what I feel about all these serious Comic Movies (this also can completly be a Nolan thing…so I don’t know).

    First time I watched “The Dark Knight” I was drunk and fell asleep. Second time I watched “The Dark Knight” I was watching with my family; they fell asleep. Third time I watched “The Dark Knight” I really tried to pay attention. I liked it. But it was too long and nothing special. Except Heath Ledger. I must say, the praise was so deserved.
    A similar thing happend with “Inception”. While everybody praised it for being soooo clever and whatever…. to me it was just a very simple story which tired to be a milestone it definatly wasn’t (in ten years, who will remember?).
    My point here is: Nolan has a way to give mainstream Movies a better treatment than his colleagues. In my point of view they are nice too look at but completely joyless. Great Actors saves the movies.

    The Comic Book Authors try to emulate these Movies without these Actors and their input into the characters. In the result these comics are joyless and somehow soulless. They try to be something they can’t really be. You have to tell me why I should like the character; you have to make me feel for him/her and with him/her.

    BTW: This is just my opinion about the Nolan Movies (in general). If you like them I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. They are well made and have a fantastic score. For me they just feel somehow empty.

    • Funky Dynamite

      I liked Inception, but I knew that it was pretty much the old TV show ‘Mission Impossible’ mixed with Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Hell yes! When you are right, you are right. The Nolan-Verse movies (and I watched Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight rises) are with the exception of the last one (which some people regard as the worst of the bunch) without joy – at least in the last one you have more humour in it.

      The Marvel-movies are in my oppinion superior to the DC-movies – not because they were written that cleverly, but because in the Marvel-Movies you have your moments of humour in it, even in “the incredible Hulk”, when the big, green, burly beast hit his head on the cave ceiling and you nearly could see him going “Ouch… that hurt!”.

      Or when the Hulk kicks Blonsky in the woods – my reaction “He passes, he scores, GOOOAAAAL!”

      Thor 1 and 2 had their serious moments and yet some moments of geniune humour.

      Captain America has lots of humour in it – and that plays during one of the darkest times of human history!

      And earlier – all Comic-Book-Movies had their moments of joy and fun.

      Remember the first Superman, hell even the fourth had funny scenes in it.

      Take the movie that is so pulled to pieces: Catwoman.

      Even there are geniunely funny, amusing scenes.

      Take the show, that Sybill Pandemic will review the next: “Birds of Prey”.

      There are scenes in it, that made it enjoyable to watch, scenes with joy and fun.

      And i never fell asleep watching those.

      Take the nolan-films… I watched them, I wanted to like them and out of three movies I liked one and a half. For example: When the Joker blows up the hospital. he stands there, presses the detonate-button and… nothing happens. He presses it again. Nothing. Then he shrugs, looks around as if he wanted to say: “Yeah, sorry, no big kaboom today” when suddenly the building is blown to smithereens and the Joker actually flinches.

      See: THAT is funny. THAT is entertaining – and not just because of the big explosion.

      But then there are scenes, that make the movie fall apart for me.

      The stupid Batman-voice has been discussed at least a million times and yet… sorry, those are the moments, in which I cannot suspend MY disbelieve. My disbelief that everyone is listening to that guy and stays superserious… no one at least giggles or offers him a cure for his sore throat?

      Sorry, I can suspend my disbelieve, when I see utter ridiculousness on the silver screen.
      I see that and think: “Yeah – in that universe with its cartoon-logic it makes sense.”
      But when a movie tries to be “superrealistic”, I take that movie seriously (silly me) and cannot help but see those points.

      For example: in the old superman movies, I could accept that all of the other kryptonians apparently were dumb as bricks, only Jor’El is the smart one.

      But that didn’t take itself THAT seriously.

      In a movie, which beats us repeatedly over the head with Jesus-Metaphors and takes itself extremely seriously I cannot stop but ask:
      “Wait! You are able to build a) a device that brings other people in another dimension and b) another device that can shoot your son to another planet WAAAAY outside of your solar system, which means you have superiour technology compared to us – and yet you cannot use a telescope or some super-fancy computer to verify what Jor’el is telling you?”

      Oh and – by the way Solkir/Sybill? I don’t think it will do your cause any good, if you are photoshopping the word “cunt” on that guys head and replace the speach of him with farting noises. Why? Oh, I don’t know – maybe because then you are just as much as a child, as you say they are. But that’s just my oppinion. ^^

  • Funky Dynamite

    This is the first video I saw of yours, and I have to say you were spot on. You would think that DiDio would realize the folly of this when Marvel nearly went to hell in the ’90s…then again, he did hire a lot of people from that time and put them in positions of power. You can tell with the Batman silliness that they’re aping the failed Marvel tactic of creating ‘families’ of books just like Spider-Man, X-Men, and various other Marvel properties did before they went to shit circa 1994-96. Not only are they children, but their inability to recognize how a major part of the industry nearly failed in the same matter.

    • Solkir

      They’re making money, and that’s all that matters. Short term gain at the expense of the readers and long term security when the bubble finally bursts.

  • quizzabella

    I agree with all of this, but say what you will about DC – still better than Tarot when it comes to portraying women.

    • Solkir

      Had no idea what that was a few minutes ago. I now regret googling it. I mean, if it was just porn, that’d be one thing….

    • Thomas Stockel

      Well I don’t “read” Balent’s stuff, but I think he’s harmless because at least he’s not redefining beloved characters like Starfire, turning them into space sluts with goldfish span memories. He’s doing his own thing in his own corner and at least he’s no longer drawing Catwoman with head-sized breasts.

  • Egil Hellá

    Nice video you made a really good point about every thing that is wrong with DC and why things need to change but I am curious to know if you cod upload all of your videos that were lost when your Blip user account was closed down because those videos were really good

  • gokaigergavan

    Since when was D.C. ever ran by adults?

    • Solkir

      Sometime between 2000 and 2007. We got things like 52 and Villains United. High concept stories with endearing characters. But then Countdown happened lasting from ’07-’08 which was pure exploitation. It’s the story that DiDio described as “52 done right” (a sentence that is physically painful for me to write). DC is like the Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde of publishers. They frequently switch between brilliance (Dick Grayson Batman) and exploitative nonsense (the new 52).

      • When Didio said that I’m pretty sure he meant that the people who had creative control were the editors instead of the people who actually wrote the thing.

        • Kanonite

          Thus making it the comic industry equivalent of movie execs gutting stories for profit and wide-audience appeal.

    • $36060516

      From the ’80s to early ’90s the executive editor of DC was Dick Giordano, who was a comic book artist himself. He was definitely a grown-up. He got up at something like 3 or 4 in the morning to start drawing a comic book page in his kitchen every day of the work week. He’d then take the page with him and finish it on the commuter train from where he lived outside of New York City to downtown Manhattan where he would arrive at DC’s offices for a full day of work as the head editor for DC. A pretty impressive adult, in my opinion. He oversaw the initial wave of DC’s hiring of British comic creators like Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, the creation of Vertigo, the publication of Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, and much more.

  • Kanonite

    Here is another video that touches on the subject, but with videogames Is good writing advice too.