If Your Day Wasn’t Yet Precious And Twee Enough, Perhaps You Should Watch This Wes Anderson Trailer

In case you were worried that this was going to be a departure from form, haha of course it isn’t because this is Wes Anderson. You could totally play Wes Anderson Bingo when watching this thing, because it is like Wes Anderson on steroids.

Harpsichord! Wackiness! Chases! Bill Murray! Adrian Brody! Other People Who Are In Other Wes Anderson Films! Tilda Swinton playing a dead eighty-something lady!


OK, that part is pretty awesome, even though Tilda already played old for Bowie.


Best thing about this movie would be if travelers or the displaced from OTHER Wes Anderson movies showed up. A younger Royal Tenenbaum, in one of his first lengthy hotel stays. Steve Zissou, en route to the sea. The Whitman brothers on a stopover before India.

We don’t have those people in this film. We have a prissy Ralph Fiennes who is also apparently quite the stud with the ladies, and he gets a famous painting in return for his services to dead old Tilda Swinton. Much hijinx and chasing occurs, including a sly little visual bit where the famous painting – a bucolic little number called “Boy With Apple” is removed and replaced with a painting by Egon Schiele, he of the women-touching-themselves paintings.

If Your Day Wasn't Yet Precious And Twee Enough, Perhaps You Should Watch This Wes Anderson Trailer

Ohai, people that would like to see much more meaning in this. Egon Schiele was widely considered the foremost protege of painter Gustave Klimt and Fiennes’ character is Gustave and HMMMMMMM?

Oh hell, what am I going on about. You’ll see this if you like Wes Anderson, no matter what, and if you don’t like Wes Anderson, you’ll hate this thing with the fire of a thousand suns. Make your choices, people.

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