RAW FEED: David Goyer on She-Hulk... dude, shut up.

Seriously didn’t think his brain was on when saying the stuff he said. Just a quick v-log about it.

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  • $36060516

    I agree his comments were dumb, but in addition to the tragic/misunderstood aspects the Hulk is indeed also a male power fantasy on a certain level, as illustrated by this popular toy:


  • Alexa

    I think the probs with MoS were a mixture of both Goyer and Snyder, considering it was at the insistence of Snyder for what was to happen in the end. Plus Snyder is really weak when it comes to directing actors…Its just so awkward and unengaging.

    • Joseph Patrick

      I disagree. I feel he’s adequate when it comes to directing his actors like Gerald Butler and Jackie Earl Haley, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Alexa

        Not all the actors in his films are bad, I did like Jackie Earle Haley and a good amount of the actors in Watchman. But even those guys they just came across as a bit off. Its weird, and I think I am the only that notices *shrugs* Also the acting in MoS was adequate but really boring and lifeless ultimately IMO (with the slight exception of Michael Shannon), b/c that’s what they think being realistic is like, even though I’ve seen indie movies where they were suppose to reflect everyday life and they were more lively than the actors in MoS.