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This time in Movie Recommendations, Sofie looks at another movie she really enjoys. Darkman is a relatively older movie, but still a goodie, and one that could be called Sam Raimi’s missing link between Evil Dead and Spider-Man. (NOTE: Part 2 of Sofie’s Pokémon video is still in the works and will be posted next week!)

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  • Pretty good film I have to say. I’m glad that you introduced me to it and I thought when you started this little recommendation series that you may have put this one in there too. Although the one thing I was there for…the inevitable Bruce Campbell cameo! When I see Raimi, I expect a cameo from The Chin dammit!
    Also, I’m counting down to Alcon too! Doug Walker, LittleKuriboh, EileMonty and you guys of course! We’ll see how well your cracking cosplays compare to the Brits!

  • david francis white

    Darkman brings up bad memories from a dark time!!! 1990 was a dark lull/void between having my college dreams crushed and the painful horror that would be my life in new jersey for the past 13 years!!!!

    • danbreunig

      I remember from the vlog back in May, and my heart still goes out to you. Likewise I didn’t have a real happy adolescence when this movie was around (I didn’t see many theatre movies then because I didn’t see much point–and I wasn’t driving yet), and although college is still my favorite phase in life thus far, I still can’t shake my unfilled dreams from then. I’m about to switch jobs and possibly residences this fall–a huge jolt to my system–so I’m only now getting more drive to at least get started on those especially long-delayed dreams. The fact I’m making homemade art is some hope for more.

  • Muthsarah

    Have fun with your con and play and whatever else you’re gonna be doing over the next month. …Y’know, you could always post a quick vlog about what you’re doing. Shouldn’t take too much time. Y’know, if you miss us at all. And I’m sure you will. :p

    It’s a real shame that Hollywood would never, ever attempt something like Darkman these days. Even if (or possibly because) it wouldn’t have to be a big production. Just make up your own superhero, so you don’t have to pay ridiculous licensing fees for access to the characters that Disney/Marvel, WB, and…whoever it is that’s making Batman and/or Superman these days has already locked up. Shouldn’t be too hard. Make it on a modest budget, make it fun, make it different, don’t skimp on the effects but don’t be a slave to them either, find a nice release date (between all the huge tentpoles), and you can make a hit. If The Conjuring can make many times its budget ($20 million, and it looks good), why not take advantage of the superhero craze and add a little variety to a genre that is destined to become tired before long. You can also take chances by not having to appeal to EVERYBODY in the world (which $200+ million budgets FORCE you to do), and do something completely different; make a superhero film that isn’t about Bay/Emmerich level spectacle, where the hero doesn’t have to save the world in the first movie. Where you can be fun first and superseriousworldsavingohmygodi’msodarkandconflictedinalikableantiherobutalsoeverypersonway second. Make a superhero film directly targeted at the hardcore comics nerd audience, or targeted at women, or targeted at non-Americans, or targeted at people older than 13, or targeted at….geez, anybody but everybody. I’m not saying everybody has terrible taste, but movies targeted at everybody tend to be pretty samey and bland. At least these days. It’s gotta be possible to make a good-looking movie on less than $80 million, right? If theatrical promotion is too expensive, make it with video on demand/Netflix and such in mind. It’s the future of the medium, after all.

    But no, that won’t likely happen. The Avengers and The Dark Knight were megahits, so Hollywood wouldn’t ever, EVER attempt anything different from those proven successes, even if different means smaller. What about Europe, then? Seems like the kind of thing a movie-crazy continent with access to plenty of money and innovative filmmakers could do. Eh? Hollywood has cornered spectacle. So let’s let someone else cover innovation.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, i’m thinking i’ll post some of the music I am doing as I make it, just for giggles and feed-back.

      But we’ll see, this is also an oppertunity for me to lean a bit back and take a break, writing some more scripts without having to worry about filming or editting at all. We’ll see.

      And well, after the con, there’ll probably be one or two videos filmed at the con.

      You do realise such people as our own Jill (Sursum Ursa.) MikeJ-TV (whom is a brilliant guy i’ve talked a bit to over Twitter.) Film-brain, Welshy, the nostalgia critic, little Kuriboh, Bennet the sage and Brental floss will be there right???

      And I am not just attending as one of the con-goers, I am attending as an offical guest, so erh… never waste oppertunities like this is all that I am saying…..

      And well yeah, some-times original ideas comes out like that, last years. “Chroncicles.” which was about a bunch of teenagers getting superpowers was sort of like that, and it was a really good movie.

      And I don’t mind more Marvel movies, I love the marvel movies.

      Batman?… give the dude a break for a moment, I know he is the most popular superhero out there, but you are milking it!

      If we wait a decade, i’ll be happy to see a new batman movie again, but right now… give him a breaaaak… -_-

      Europe don’t do superhero movies, we don’t have the budget.

      • Muthsarah

        The Kick-Ass movies didn’t cost much. I’m sure France or Germany (I don’t know what their Hollywood equivalents are) can afford something with about that level of budget, only more serious, obviously. Important thing is that SOMEBODY in the international film industry should be making superhero movies that don’t have $200 million price tags, plus $150 million promotional budgets, and all the restrictions those come with. You’re not likely to get anything original in these tentpole movies, since everything about their production is designed to make their ginormous budgets back by being as safe and samey as possible. Avengers was good, but now every movie is going to ape it, meaning they’re gonna get less and less interesting. Movies have been copying the tone and “plot twists” of The Dark Knight for years, even James Bond and Star Trek.

        Where’s today’s Hammer films? They didn’t have Hollywood budgets, but they delivered good mid-to-low-budget films which were well-written, had good casts, were in color (the 3D of the time!), and were fun.

        Yeah, Chronicle is a good success story, I guess (didn’t see it). It’s probably going to go down the same route as the similar “found-footage” Paranormal Activity series. Nice that there’s something.

        • Sofie Liv

          well, for low budget supernatural films, I think it’s better to look at all of those video producers out there looking to make it film-makers.

          I myself am playing around with a couple of different script ideas, just trying to decide which one to go with.

          And there’s a ton of low budgets films out there, which are very imaginative but don’t get cinema releases, so you just kind of have to go out and look for them at film festivals and so on, just look at this freaking thing.
          yeah.. especially the horror marked, has TONS of this stuff coming out every year, just take a look at the reference trailers to the right of the trailer.

          So you just have to look for them, since they aren’t mainstream and wont get official releases.

          So yeah, spirit of hammer lifes.. and Hammer ressuracted as you might remember, with “Lady in black.” and I believe, it’s working on a new version of Frankenstein at the moment.

          So yeah.. not entire true, there is mainstream and the rest, and people often tend to forget the rest because mainstream takes up so much space.. but well.. that’s why it’s mainstream.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Me and my friends loved the hell out of this film and I think part of the reason why it worked was because like you pointed out, it was an original hero not based on a comic book.

    Bummer about the lack of video production, but I’m glad to hear you’ve got so much fun stuff on your plate, Sofie!

    • Sofie Liv

      well, some-times enough is just enough, and you have to give yourself that break. That’s really all there is to it.

      Well, the fact that it was an original hero also helped in the regard, that Saim Raimi could pretty much do what-ever the hell he wanted without ruining any-thing.

      Having Darkman deliberately kill people??? no problem, he is Sam Raimis invention, Darkman can do what he wants.

  • danbreunig

    Okay, another list–excuse me, but it’s really much more efficient for me if I do it this way:

    The Trixie costume’s awesome–I can’t even tell that’s you in the picture. Godt gaet! (“great job”–right?)

    So if this is the last Movie Recommendation, does that mean when your videos come back you’ll already be on series number four?

    Speaking of movie recommendations, I recommend that you jump on the Evil Dead remake as soon as you get the chance. If I enjoyed watching it in April, think of how much you’ll enjoy it when (if?) you see it during Halloween season. It’s a fresher take on Evil Dead, but it’s still Evil Dead.

    I saw this once back when it was a fresh movie rental (remember VHS tapes?), and the imagery still sticks out in my mind clearly when I think about it. I was so surprised that this was NOT a comic book property, even though it had all the makings of one–so, yay Sam! Weird thing is, I don’t normally look at movies by their directors, so seeing that someone named Sam Raimi made it meant nothing to me–at the time. Thanks to your input here, I’m sure to check this out again after so long–just seeing the clips was enough to show me now “hey, that does look like something Sam Raimi would make, come to think of it…”

    Favorite moment: Darkman breaks the carnie’s fingers the *very* opposite way! See, this is why you never call someone an asshole–that asshole may take it just a little more personally than you anticipate >:)

    A little movie trivia from my side of the big pond:
    Around late 80s / early 90s there was a hit U.S. TV legal drama called L.A. Law (didn’t really watch it outright, although I have memories seeing it), and Larry Drake played an occasional secondary character on that show Bernie, who was a sweet and mentally handicapped legal clerk–his biggest character at the time. Darkman was produced around the same era, and that movie has that same actor playing the crime boss Durant. So that was a pleasant shock for me to see who was normally an innocent handicapped clerk, now in the form of a vicious on-top-of-everything criminal with a penchant for snipping off fingers with a cigar clipper. Also, my second favorite moment: [looking straight into the security camera] “That will be just fine!”

    I forgot now just how emotionally fluid this movie is, with some actual humor mixed into the action and drama. It’s the drama the stuck with me most, such as his breaking down in his hideout after the fingers incident, and the ending definitely crushed my heart: he officially got his revenge, but then what? Hide in the open in permanent disguises with no more peace or interpersonal connection? Sad. And it didn’t help that I watched this during my least favorite phase in life (like I said in my comment below).

    Sounds like you have quite a thick schedule coming up these next couple months (I lost track of all the acts you’re doing now–like about 12 now?!). Anyway, have plenty of fun at Alcon, and it sure sounds like you will! I’m guessing your next batch of videos will be a slew of what’s happened there, nothing review related. And don’t worry about us; we survived a long Sofie drought earlier this year during the spring play, we can survive another one.

    So, music-writing now? Oooooh, another dream never realized–no joke, see below. I have no problem learning and playing covers, but that keeps reminding me more “why can’t I come up with my own shit?!” It really is tough coming up with your own stuff, so…best of luck, I guess.

    Ending on a light note: speaking of coming up with stuff, I have a few fan art pieces nearly completed and should be finished by next week. At least one involves the Baker Street Adventures duo. Yes. Also–my first ever avatar!

    • Sofie Liv

      That’s all-right, I just answer nice and easy.

      Well, almost spelled correctly it is “Godt Gået.” and “å” is a letter, not just an a with a thing over it, but an actual genuine letter.

      And thank you, people has been saying that a lot, they can’t recognise that it’s me in that costume.. which is.. odd..

      Mostly what I realised is how much I actually do look like my sister on some of the pictures, which pleases me, I love my sister :)

      yeah, this movie is surprisingly emotion filled, it really disturbs you and makes you invested.. it’s just so sad so often.

      That entire last speech about. “As I was working on the mask, I didn’t realise that the man inside was the one changing, before now. The Peyton you knew is no more.”

      And well, that is the movie, the slow transformation of a good man into a revengefull villain.. that final drop over the building. Yeah, the message behind that, what it tells, so much stronger than the action itself, damn good.

      Really? aww, that’s cute, I’ve never seen that actor in any-thing else than this.

      Well, I can post on some of my progress in music, and well, I also intend to use this free-time to write new scripts without having to worry about filming or editting any-thing.

      Just, giving myself a bit of a break.

      Yeah, it sure is easier just playing after covers, and well.. the music I am writing now are hardly master pieces.

      They are just pieces for practise so I can seek entrance into schools that can teach me how to write actual good music.

      Sounds neat, remember to post a link.

      • danbreunig

        Aw nice, thanks for the feedback. Just a few quick responses and then I’ll go quiet.

        Um, I already knew I wasn’t writing it correctly (at least I translated correct–I think) and I didn’t mean to trivialize your words. It’s just that I don’t know how I can get my computer to write in non-English letters in online forums, so “gaet” was all I could really do. It’s just like when I write German and nothing lets me physically write umlauts (the two dots over vowels with the long e sound), so I need to write out “ae, oe, ue” and “ss” for the eszett (the double s that looks like capital B). Maybe I should have just said ,,Gut Gemacht!” and saved some trouble, especially since I know only maybe five or ten things in Dansk. Just recently I learned “Stodder!”, if that tells you anything ;)

        Enough about languages. I could easily tell you and your sister were in fact sisters when I saw her in your joint on-the-street review of TinTin. Same face, attitude, cuteness, personality, and just *silliness*… Yes, love your sisters. And brothers, too.

        I said enough about Darkman already, so…

        Yeah, music making. My own dream is to write and record at least one album’s worth of original songs while I’m alive–and just for creative communal connectivity. That’s plenty hard to do on your own and with extremely limited hands-on experience. Suffice to say that any more music instruction I have for maybe the rest of my life won’t be through any more higher education but through poor-man’s means.

        One thing I forgot to mention in my last and very long post:
        It’s interesting how you saw a similarity to Phantom Of The Opera. And since we’re talking about music and recommendations, I have a music recommendation for you. I suggest you listen to Iron Maiden’s song actually titled Phantom Of The Opera from their 1980 debut album. It’s old, 7 minutes long, and loaded with more guitar riffs than anything else, but it’s also a neat compact take on the plot of Phantom–it’s basically a song about a musical, so you were right for writing in some post a long while back about how the musical could work as a rock opera. Hey, the most classic thinking-man’s heavy metal band did it in a song, so why not?

        Lastly–how do I post a link if I don’t have a site to link from, or link to?

        • Muthsarah

          You can use Alt codes to write Scandinavian letters and other non-Latin marks in all sorts of languages. ALT-0229 (meaning to hold the Alt key, then type 0, 2, 2, 9, then release Alt) will get you the å. Just look up “Alt codes” to get a full list. I just did it, so it should work here. Sometimes, comment boxes and forums don’t let you do that, in which case you can always do it in Word and paste it over.

          • danbreunig

            More tried and true solutions that just seem to pass me by. Thanks Muthsarah.

          • Sofie Liv

            Also, we do have cheat codes in Denmark in case we get stuck on a english keyboard.

            AA/aa is the same as Å/å

            AE/ae is the same as Æ/æ

            so writing “Godt gaaet” would have been correct.


          • danbreunig

            Mange Tak.

          • Sofie Liv

            you’re welcome

            Also, the best advice I can give you to have things done..
            Don’t care about your first couple of tries are probably going to be shit, just sit down and do what-ever it is you want.
            You want to write music? sit down, write a text, and give it a go. it doesn’t matter it’s a shit text and a shit melodi, what matters is that you got started.

  • The_Stig

    Dammit Sophie just when I thought I was over my crush on you, you post pics of yourself in cosplay. :-)

    • Sofie Liv

      You fall for Sofie ones, there is no turning back. Tihi… *Slight blush*

      That’s sweet :)

      • danbreunig

        Sofie, I’m not sure if I’m the one who should be telling you this, but I believe that it’s high time that you finally face up to an unavoidable truth and bear it as best as you can:

        You Are Lovable.

        • Sofie Liv

          Dawww… :3

      • The_Stig

        I’m trying not to creep here. You are just one lovable young lady.

  • Nuclearademan

    Damn Evil Deads been out for months over here, it’s pretty good especially for a horror remake. Darkman’s not really my favourite Raimi film but the scene near the beginning where the villain is cutting off the guys fingers does get a laugh out of me and off the top of my head that and Unbreakable are the only original superhero film I can think of.

    Best of luck with the music.

    • Sofie Liv

      I just love the heck out of the movie, true, it was best upon first viewing, but still pretty damn good.

      At least in my opinion, there are so many good scenes. Peytons mental breakdown at the amusement park really stands out to me as some-thing truly disturbing, way more than any-thing that happened in any of the spiderman movies.

      Thank you :)

  • Gallen_Dugall

    While I enjoyed this I do worry that those dastardly penguins are involved with the delay of the second part of the Pokemon review.

    • Sofie Liv

      don’t worry, I just had some hiccups in recieving cameo footage, but it’s all smoothened out now, and the video will be out very quick.

      • danbreunig

        I think I’m gonna suffer from overload…

  • I actually quite liked The Shadow. It had an unexpectedly odd sense of humor about itself, and has one of the most accurate visual translations of a comic book character ever.

    But yeah, Darkman was fucking awesome. Part superhero movie, part monster movie, and I love heroes who are just as if not more insane than their enemies. Plus Larry Drake as Durant is one of the great underrated villains of cinema. Read the comic crossover they did with Army of Darkness sometime, it’s amazing.

  • DavidWilmotLow

    if evil sofie ever comes back, she should host a show called Movie Darkness.

    • Muthsarah

      Goth Sofie. The idea has merit. She’d actually have to hate a movie.

      • Sofie Liv

        … I tried to colour my hair black ones… it came out blue.. true story.

        I had a goth phase when I was a teen, it lasted for around a week, two hoodies and a little nightmare before christmas merchandise..

  • Arturo Garza Flores

    I’m pretty sure one of the cosplayers at the end is Sofie, but who’s the one dressed as Trixie?

    • danbreunig

      Both. Although she looks less like herself as Trixie (which means it’s a great job), while with the other you can tell it’s her (the eyes give it away).

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s me in both of them X)

      • Jay_Bay

        Pish Posh. Surely you discover a way to clone, did just that, and convince your clone to participate in this vid. I mean, which one is the more believeable one, amirite?

  • david francis white

    I am going to kill myself tonight!!! I love and miss you Sophie liv!!

    • danbreunig

      Please don’t.

      • david f white

        Thank you for acknowledging me!! But, there is no point to going any further!!
        I am so sorry!!

        • Sofie Liv

          Do not, even joke about such things.

          It’s a way to permanent end to problems that need not being permanent.

          And now you go ahead and write such nonsense, while coming back responding to a comment.

          That more than any-thing tells me, you don’t actually want to kill yourself, but you feel a need to be heard and noticed.

          Which is okay! Been there, done that myself. But here’s the thing.

          Unfortunately, we are just people by computers, we are not the people whom can help you in the way you need right.

          You need to go to some-one in your real life, your family, your friends, it would be really really good if you would go to a doctor and speak of this.

          And here’s what you do now, go out-side, take a nice comfortable walk. Do some-thing nice for yourself.

          It can be eating your favourite ice-cream, buy that game you wanted for a while, some-thing.

          Then sit down, take a deep breath, wait for a good while, and first then, after a walk and having done some-thing nice for yourself.

          Think again.

          And don’t ever, joke around with such things, I have little tolerance towards people whom don’t take the act of suicide seriously.

          It’s real, it happens every-day, and it’s heart shattering for the people left behind.

          • David f White

            I am a failure i am sorry!!

          • Sofie Liv

            Go to your doctor and talk about this, fast as you can. Now, you got that?

          • danbreunig

            After these last few comments I’m in a serious daze because I’m not sure what to think now . David, I seriously feared for your well-being overnight, since I saw your first comment. I don’t ever want anyone to feel like a waste (and I’ve had those times feeling like that myself), and even without knowing you personally I don’t believe you can be. But I also don’t want my care about others to be a waste either, and I hope mine wasn’t. So if this really some joke, please stop. If it’s a real problem, please get help from someone as soon as you can.

          • david f white

            Dan thank you so much for caring about me!! Sophie I falied you I am sorry!! I didn’t mean to burden you or anyone else!! I cant say how sorry I am!!!

          • danbreunig

            I don’t blame you at all for how you feel right now.