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Since the amazing special effects of Speed Racer has left the Slob blind, he’s decided to take a look (no pun intended) at a movie featuring a man with the same disability. Check out the Slob’s state-appointed defense of Daredevil!

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  • Thomas Stockel

    As a huge fan of the Frank Miller run on Daredevil, which made excellent use of both Elektra, Kingpin and Bullseye, I was so let down by this movie.  I think they should have saved Elektra for the second movie and concentrated instead on the other two characters.  They were trying way too hard to shove far too much into one film.

    Anyway, fun review, CS!

    • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

      Also one of the problems of the movie was the lack of Foggy Nelson being a foil for Matt Murdock.  He was his business partner and voice of reason that was barely there at all.  Daredevil in itself should’ve been an origin movie, not an origin-revenge the girl I love movie.  It was far too cluttered you are right about that. 

      A far better script would’ve had Karen Page being the love interest instead of Elektra.  Karen Page would know about his secret identity, but his constant brutal fights, focus on work and feeling neglected would leave her disenfranchised.  Not having Matt around could’ve led her down a path of ill repute, resulting in her giving away his identity to the Kingpin, albeit without any ill will towards Daredevil (befriending a Daredevil villain like Chameleon or Typhoid could be that tie back to the Kingpin).  She would just feel like she has no place in his life and mentions that he’s constantly away, either busy with work or his “hobby”.  Mentioning being a blind lawyer would be a pretty big giveaway without it being intentional. 

      I’m not so sure I’d want to play her as a drug addict though, that might make her look like someone that Matt shouldn’t have in his life, rather than someone you think could be helped.  But if done right, it could possibly be a good role (and I think an actress like Christina Ricci could pull off an amazing Karen Page).  She’d be stuck in a bad situation, forcing Matt to make tough decisions, and ultimately they would both learn from the experience. 

      • Thomas Stockel

         Excellent points.  A lack of Foggy was a huge hole in the movie and having Karen Page as Daredevil’s first love interest would have been a far better creative decision.  I liked Jennifer Garner in Alias but she was terribly mis-cast in this film.

  • Connie333

    No mention of the hilariously cheesy love scene that actually happens infront of a roaring fire? enjoyed the review :)

  • I actually loved this movie when it came out. And the Director’s Cut is so much better than the theatrical release. Ben Affleck is awesome at Matt. Sure it’s a bit of a mess due to budget constraints and dodgy cgi and a few cheesy lines, “Go to Hell… Diablo!” But I think it’s kind of underrated. Because people rate it so low.

    Matt has become bitter and dark with his nightly vigilante escapades, he’s killing without a care. During a scene where he beats up a kingpin thug, the thugs child sees this and is absolutely terrified. He says he’s “Not the bad guy”. And starts questioning his actions, which have led to broken relationships and ultimately the death of Elektra. So when he finally has the chance to kill The Kingpin and doesn’t, we see that he’s changed by choosing to leave him for the police. Which gives us hope that he’s a slightly less broken man and has hope with any new relationships. Deep.

    • Tobyrclark

      Agreed, the Director’s Cut was amazing.

      •  Plus I would love to see Ben Affleck direct a Daredevil film. Set in the 70’s. Rated R!

    • Zachary LaVoy

       I hadn’t seen the Director’s Cut until I re-watched the movie in preparation for this episode, and I agree, it’s clearly the superior version. I love that they included that scene, and that they had more of Matt and Foggy doing their actual job as lawyers. But of course, as the Slob, I can’t defend the version that people already like, haha.

  • Bloat

    Good review. This shows why Ben is better as a director than he is actor.

  • I actually enjoyed this movie. I’m honestly not sure why it gets such a bad rap. Of course, I’m not a comic book Daredevil fan, so what do I know? :P

  • I want to kill Ben affleck!!!