VIDEO: Daredevil (2003) The Director’s Cut

Cecil take a look at the director’s cut of the 2003 movie Daredevil.

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  • Eliot Littlejohn

    im sure the directors cut is better it cant be any worse. Unless theirs more scenes with collin farell looking menacing and constipated and killing people with paper clips and peanuts. I cant believe how many people are ok with ben affleck being batman. Hes not a bad actor he was good in hollywoodland but id hate to add batman vs superman to his bad list of movies. Like that crappy movie he did with justin timberlake nobody saw. I guess from his costume hes supposed to be the dark knight returns batman. i dont know about anybody else but when i think of a grizzled middle aged bad ass i think of kurt russel or dennis quaid not the guy from gili.

    • Thomas Stockel

      Those are excellent choices for a grizzled Batman…if the movie had been made twenty years ago. If it had been made back then, then Kurt and Dennis would have been about the age Ben is now.

      I don’t think Affleck is a bad choice. He’s made some crappy movies, but every actor has appeared in a stinker a time or two. I thought his film The Town was outstanding and Ben pulls off a tough act pretty well in it. No, the problem with BvsS is not Ben, it’s Nolan and Snyder thinking we want a dark, gritty DCU overall, where the only dark and gritty we want is Batman.

      • Eliot Littlejohn

        Ok daniel craig josh brolin or anyone whos not a metrosexual douche. I just dont want this be epic miscasting like nicholas cage as ghost rider. I dont get why everybody loves the casting because when i said this on my facebook group i almost got kicked out. Henry cavil is great i hope the movie isnt all just batman vs superman i heard metallo is supposed to be in it.

  • Sykes

    The Director’s Cut is absolutely a better film than the theatrical cut. Only problem is, that doesn’t make it a good film. It definitely adds back some much-needed storyline, beefs up several of the characters, and just overall flows better. But it still retains almost every single wrong-headed decision they made like a huge flaming DD logo (Does Matt carry around lighter fluid just in case?), the execrable playground encounter, the ridiculous church fight, Daredevil murdering (and mocking the victim just before death!) and then bemoaning that he’s not the bad guy (he even attempts a second murder just minutes before telling Kingpin that he’s not the bad guy), and a bad CGI/bad wirework combo punch.

    I like a lot about the movie…but in my opinion it is still broken.

    As a fan of Daredevil, I’ve been waiting a long time for them to get him right…thank goodness Fox let the rights lapse and we got the Netflix version.

  • Max

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  • emanon

    Great video. Affleck is going to rock it as Batman.

  • Sooper

    One thing that is worse in the director’s cut, they actually made that playground scene longer. That is without a doubt the worst scene in the movie, and they extended it. I am still baffled.