VIDEO: Daredevil (2003) The Director’s Cut

Solkir watches Daredevil and wonders how such a great movie can be so universally loathed. As it turns out, he saw the director’s cut, a vast improvement over what played in theaters. After seeing both versions, Solkir does an in-depth examination of what makes the theatrical cut so awful.

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  • Ironic that this director was given a good bit of initiative and clout for the production of “Ghost Rider” and failed so hard he got his dick slammed in a car door.

    • Also, thank you for pointing out the biggest issue with the film being the theatrical release. I tell people that the mystery solving aspects and courtroom scenes helped make the whole thing more legit and intelligent. I was really surprised no TV show was considered for Daredevil, like “Law and Order” but with an over arching story of corruption in New York and vigilantis out to fight it. Heroes for Hire show up to bodyguard important witnesses for Matt and then they become well known and liked enough to get a spin off… IT IS ALL COMING TOGETHER!

      • drumstick00m

        I would have loved this idea, and then I remember they way people like Mickey Mouse behave; he already gave us A cop show this year (Castle) and we should worship him as the fire breathing god that he is for it, or something…

  • The_Stig

    Yeah seriously, the director’s cut is like an entirely different movie. Judging from his performance there (which is often slagged for no good reason whatsoever) I have very strong faith that he’s totally going to kill it as Batman. So many people are going to owe Affleck a handwritten apology and a fruit basket after Superman vs Batman comes out it’s not even going to be funny.

    • drumstick00m

      The whole “Batfleck” craze proves what George R. R. Martin, Susan Collins, and others (like Arundhati Roy) have to say about power, privilege, and the “civilized” is true.

  • drumstick00m

    I will add this of my list of movies to buy for Movie Parties. List includes Pacific Rim and TMNT so far…

  • Sooper

    I’m with you on most of this, but that playground scene is just terrible. If there’s one baffling thing about the Director’s Cut, it’s that they actually make that scene LONGER. It’s so alarmingly out of tone with the rest of the movie, and makes you wonder why Matt Murdock even bothers having a secret identity if he’s just going to go around being obviously blind but doing kung fu in front of dozens of witnesses. I know there’s no real way they could have re-edited this for the director’s cut that could have removed the playground fight, but I have to wonder how a scene like this even made it to being filmed. Someone, somewhere in the scripting process, should have said “You know, this entire scene doesn’t work or make sense, could we maybe write some other way for DD and Elektra to meet?” In a movie where Murdock has to sleep in a sensory dep chamber to block out the crime he can hear all over town, straight up lets a dude get run over by a train, and later breaks the Kingpins kneecaps, a scene where he comically tosses his cane into the air where it suspends long enough for him to remove his jacket so he can dramatically catch it after? It’s just… I can’t… AHHHHHHH!!!

    That said, the movie does have some good parts, and aside from that scene, the director’s cut is so much better in pretty much every way.