‘How Dare Oprah Not Let Me Live In Her Mansion!’ Says Best Ex-Stepmom Ever

'How Dare Oprah Not Let Me Live In Her Mansion!' Says Best Ex-Stepmom EverOPRAH’s dad got divorced, and her stepmother does not care for her not even a little, and the Daily Mail is ON IT!

What terrible things did OPRAH do to you, OPRAH’s ex-stepmom, before no longer letting you live in the house she owned, just because you were no longer married to her dad?


Oh, so many terrible things!

  • For instance, there was the time she, OPRAH, scooped up the lady’s house from foreclosure — but she only did it at the very last minute, because “manipulative” and probably EVIL!
  • Also, there was the time OPRAH had terrible taste:

    She was a horrible decorator.
    ‘Money cannot buy you taste. She would put plaid with stripes and all sorts.

    In Indiana she must have had 200 dolls, some of them looked like they could have gone back to the slave days, lined up on long benches in the hallway. It was creepy.’

  • Also also, when OPRAH’s dad and stepmom would come to visit, she would put them up in A HOTEL.
  • Also again, she did not put them on the A-List level with the big celebrities at her one big party, but “hid them” in “a corner” on the “second floor” instead.
  • Also, when Oprah first met her soon-to-be-stepmom, she INVITED her for A WALK!

    The next morning Barbara got a taste of the sort of balance of power Oprah expected in their relationship.
    She said, ‘Early the next morning she got on the intercom in her house – she has an intercom in all her houses – and she was calling, ”Barbara, Barbara come down, we’re going for a walk”.

    ‘Gayle was there and the way it worked she walked on one side, Oprah on the other and they peppered me with questions. I felt like I was being interrogated by the FBI. She had a large farm, about 125 acres. By the end of the walk I felt we’d covered the whole farm.’

  • Then when OPRAH’s stepmom and OPRAH’s dad got divorced, some years after OPRAH’s stepmom had caught OPRAH’s dad with a hooker named One-Tooth, OPRAH did not even let her live in the house Oprah owned anymore, and told her to get the fuck out of it!

What is the world even coming to when you can’t think your stepdaughter is “ghetto” and a “bad decorator” and “doesn’t love her own father and is disgusted by the thought that she is his daughter which is the only possible reason not to take a paternity test on yourself” and also insinuate to anyone who would listen that she is gay, while driving her Mercedes Benzes (and being mad that they are in her name) and living in her million-dollar home?



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