Dancing With the Stars slips ahead of The Voice in Monday's ratings

Monday night’s primetime broadcast ratings:

1. The Big Bang Theory scores a phenomenal 16.2 million total viewers.

2. Dancing With Stars waltzes away with 12.6 million and a rare victory over…

3. The Voice, which echoed in the ears of 11.9 million.

4. Scorpion hasn’t lost its sting with 10.8 million.

5. The Blacklist contains 9.3 million names.


6. The Millers season debut with Sean Hayes joining the cast earned 8.9 million, which is strong for a sitcom but not nearly as well as Big Bang reruns were doing in this spot (which makes Scorpion’s number all the more impressive).

7. Castle barely makes the list with 8.82 million, just narrowly beating NCIS: Los Angeles with 8.78 million.

TV Show: Dancing with the Stars

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